16 Times Celebrities Did Amazing Things For Charity & Their Fans In 2016

Many people think this year has been bad for a lot big names. But there have been many celebrities who have done amazing things this year. A lot celebrities have charities close to their heart and fans which they wish to repay for their support. Let us share with you 16 of our favourite times celebrities did amazing things for charity and their fans from this year!

Taylor Swift

Taylor was named most charitable celebrity for the fourth year running in 2015 and she definitely lived up to that title this year. Recently she went to surprise a 96 year old veteran who is a big fan. He’s traveled to Taylor’s shows before but on this day she traveled to him. Not only has she surprised fans this year but she’s also given to charity. After mass flooding in Louisiana this year she donated $1 million to the flood relief.

Rio Ferdinand 

Christmas can be a hard time for many people. So Rio decided to donate £500,000 worth of toys to children in Manchester who may not be as privileged. As well as this he donated thousands of sleeping bags to the homeless this winter. He said that he did not do it for attention but simply just to help people out.

The Vamps

Earlier in the year the boys worked with Sport Relief in order to help children who are experiencing bullying. They were able to visit a group at Action 4 Bullying and talk to the children as well as join in with their activities. This year, James also released three t-shirts in order to raise money for the charity Centrepoint which supports youth homelessness.

Bring Me The Horizon

This year Jordan Fish and Oli Sykes decided that next year they will climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for ‘Friends of PICU’, a charity which is important to Jordan. The band also put up items of their own for auction in order to help them reach their target of £100,000

Ed Sheeran

In September Ed took 13 bags of his clothes into his local charity shop including the shirt he wore in the newest Bridget Jones film. It proved popular and fans were said to be queuing to be able to grab one of his items. From all of his donations to the shops he has been able to raise £4000 for the St Elizabeth Hospice.

Niall Horan

Niall was just one of the people who took part in the BFG Dream Jar Trail this year. The jars were spread all across London and when the trail ended all jars were auctioned. In total, over £550,000 was raised which was donated to the charity Save The Children.


St James’ Church held an event for Cheryl’s charity, ‘Cheryl’s Trust’, which she set up to help unemployed and disadvantaged young people. At the event she raised over £200,000 for her charity through a silent auction.

Shawn Mendes

Earlier this year Shawn played the Radio City Music Hall in New York which sold out. Being the kind person he is, he went outside the venue with front row tickets to give to a group of fans. He also surprised a fan on The Ellen Show this year.

Olly Murs

Olly has been an ambassador of the charity ‘Rays of Sunshine’ since 2012. This July he went to grant the wishes of six seriously ill children where he met and signed items for them. The children traveled from all across the country so that they could meet their idol and have their wish.

“Putting a smile on the face of children like these reminds me why I decided to become an ambassador for the charity and hope to be involved for many years to come.”

Katy Perry

Along with Orlando Bloom, Katy went to a children’s hospital to spread some festive cheer. Dressed as Santa and Mrs Claus, they went in to spend some time with the children in Los Angeles in the lead up to Christmas.


Announced as the most charitable celebrity of 2016, Beyoncé has spread a lot of awareness for many causes over the year. She has played a big part in the Black Lives Matter campaigning and also spreading the word of gender equality. She also raised $82,000 for the Flint water crisis by asking fans to donate when buying tickets.


This year Zayn teamed up with Dazed magazine to auction a jacket designed by him. The money that was raised from the auction went to the mental health charity ‘Mind’. This also helped raise awareness of the charity and spread the word.

Liam Payne

This month Liam went to his local hospital to surprise some patients. He went and delivered Christmas gifts and even wrote out a Christmas card for one young boy. It was a lovely way for him to spread some happiness over the holiday season.

Little Mix

Little Mix teamed up McDonalds for the #HelloGoodTimes campaign to spread positivity. It was a fan’s twelfth birthday and they decided what better thing to do than surprise her!

Troye Sivan

While visiting Hit30 radio they decided that they’d bring in some of Troye’s fans for a ‘tour’ of the building. Little did they know that Troye was waiting for them inside of the lift. When the doors opened he would sing to the fans and they were not expecting it at all.

Selena Gomez

While on tour she decided that she needed to meet one of her biggest and most dedicated fans. A radio station asked the fan to create a video where she sings one of Selena’s songs but what she didn’t know was that Selena would walk into the room mid song. It was definitely a great surprise and very unexpected!

See, 2016 wasn’t all that bad! What was your favourite celebrity moment of the year? Let us know by tweeting us @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix