Pearl Jam Guitarist Mike McCready records song with members of the Treehouse for Kids Graduation Success program

Pearl Jam’s lead guitarist Mike McCready spent four hours in the band’s studio recently jamming with five young people who are in the foster care system. They ended up creating the song “Try So Hard” which was written and performed by them (and Mike) during the session at Pearl Jam’s studio in Seattle.

Mike helped guide the kids through the process of creating the song, and the band’s producer mixed it to give it that professional edge. Mike has been a supporter of Treehouse for many years.

All of the kids who created the song are in Seattle-based Treehouse’s Graduation Success program or are recent alumni of the program which is expanding statewide over the next five years. The graduation rate nationwide for young people in foster care is about 50 percent.

Founded in 1988, Treehouse is Washington’s leading nonprofit organization addressing the academic and other essential support needs of young people in foster care. Treehouse helps more than 7,500 young people each year through programs that focus on their academic success, fulfil key material needs and provide important childhood experiences every child deserves.

Franky, Rickardo, Sergio, Joseph and Logan had never played together before they met Mike. You can see the jamming session below.

You can find more about Treehouse for Kids here




Written by Kelly McFarland

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