1D Fans Stand Against Bullying

1D fans stand against bullying.

One Direction fans sometimes get some pretty bad press but they’re on the whole a decent bunch who get behind the bands charitable causes such as “Action 1D “and help promote the boys music like they did with the “No Control Project.”

In January this year a small group of older fans grew tired of watching the boys and their friends and family get stalked  and other fans  sent vicious hate through social media so they founded #1DFansStandAgainstBullying .

Music is the  element that brought all of the fandom together .The account  focuses on One Direction’s music and professional endeavours only, while calling for respect of the boys’ private lives as well as for respecting all other fans.

The account behind all this is @OneDirectionNDA and since it’s inception on 2nd January 2015 it has amassed over 75,000 followers. It’s got some cool follows too from the likes of Cybersmile (one of the leading cyber bullying charities) and the Eden Dora Trust, a charity which the band supports.

Fans of One Direction appear to be loving the positive dialogue the account creates with the daily questions they post about the bands music and the passion the account has for stopping bullying within the fandom. It’s great to see the 1D fandom embracing a positive initiative which could help a lot of young people.This is a great example of how social media can be used to create positive change.

To find out more about #1DFansStandAgainstBullying go check out @OneDirectionNDA on Twitter.


Written by Kelly McFarland

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