20 of Ed Sheeran’s Best Tweets

Sadly in December 2015, Ed Sheeran announced that he was taking a break from social media. But to celebrate his 25th birthday, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and create a list of some of Ed’s best tweets. On our search, we discovered funny, inspirational, and downright intriguing tweets that make us wonder exactly what goes on in that ginger hair covered head of his.

20. Let’s take it back to the start

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 1

Ed’s very first tweet. Considering there are 19 more tweets on this list and he has a tweet count of 32.1k we would say that yes Mr. Sheeran, it was a good idea.

19. Try not to cry while reading this

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 1

His song ‘The A Team’ brought an unimaginable amount of success his way. Although he did not win the Grammy, we are truly proud of his accomplishments and his gratitude is heartwarming.

18. When he showed us he makes mistakes just like everybody else

19 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 1

We’re all human and have all kinds of mishaps. Although they don’t always come in the form of using shaving foam for toothpaste, mornings can be crazy. We’re sure his breath was fresh either way.

17. For all of you Harry Potter fans

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 2

And discuss we will Ed. Although the only person who could accurately answer this question is J.K. Rowling herself, this subject could spark some interesting (to say the least) theories.

16. A little angsty there Ed

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 3


The use of language he used to create an image is stunning and a bit odd. Could you imagine a gorilla in a tutu? Or being so close to a gorilla that it could lick your ear? Well, maybe one day we will learn how Sheeran came up with this and maybe what color that tutu was so we can create a better mental picture.

15. We all love a good pun

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 2

Looks like we have a comedian here. Making a reference to one of our favorite childhood TV shows, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’, Ed saw an opportunity for the joke and did not waste it. Hopefully no one started making trouble in the neighborhood.

14. Uh, we don’t think that’s how that works…

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 4

Although eating too much steak does not usually lead to conception, we can relate to the struggle of being that full.

13. It continues

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 5

About a year later, Ed was back in the full stomach dilemma.

12. When Ed got psyched about a new backpack

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 6

The flashbacks of buying new school supplies are kicking in. We can relate to the feeling of trying to find a purpose for every compartment and feeling super accomplished.

11. Does this mean he’s tech savvy?

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 7

If we had some office work to get done, we would definitely let Ed Sheeran be in charge of the spreadsheets and since we know he loves organizing, his spreadsheets would be flawless.

10. Agreed

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 8

Socks disappear all the time and we can never seem to locate them. We feel your pain Ed.

9. And over two years later

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 9

Not just one, but several socks gone. Maybe he’s just a natural sock repellent.

8. Sometimes we don’t feel like doing anything

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 10

Imagine Ed hitting the snooze button and quickly typing out this tweet before heading back to bed. Polite denial is the best way to go when you want to chill for the day.

7. Ed will always stand up for the underdog

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 11

And in this case, that underdog is ketchup. Ketchup never did us wrong so it is our duty to fight against the discrimination of ketchup in the restaurant industry. Thank you, Ed for bringing this very serious situation to our attention.

6. It’s hard to keep up with the recent lingo

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 12
But does anybody know? What ‘can’t we even’? This vague statement became a popular way to express our feelings in 2013 and we still haven’t figured it out. I can’t even-

5. Simple and effective

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 13

Maybe Ed is saying he’s too cool to care. Or he’s ticked off so he scoffed a simple “whatever” to show how peeved he was. The context of the tweet is endless yet so relatable.

4. Here we have another geographically coordinated pun

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 14

Another opportunity that was not wasted. We wish we were all graced with the same comedic ability.

3. Confusion or realization?

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 15

Now, Ed could be saying that he found someone who looks very similar to a friend. However, he could also be saying he has been lied to and never knew who that person truly was. Maybe we’ll never know for sure.

2. He couldn’t resist

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 16

Being able to create a joke using your own lyrics is the greatest definition of goals.

1. Last but certainly not least…

20 of Ed Sheeran's Best Tweets 17
Ed Sheeran is definitely taking his own advice. He had a dream to pursue music and his hard work paid off. The dedication and passion he has for his career shows through his ability to create award winning music and live performances that only feature himself on stage and are still highly entertaining. With his large fanbase by his side, it’s easy to see he’s making a huge amount of people very happy. Props to you Ed, you are a tweet expert and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!

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Written by CelebMix