2018 NYC Web Fest Award Winners Have Been Announced

The 2018 NYC Web Fest Award Winners have now been announced, and we’re excited to have the list for you all. Adaptive Studios’ Stellar People won a total of three awards; whereas, New York’s 18 Grand: A Personal Space Odyssey won Best Web Series, which therefore won an automatic entry into Partner Miami Web Fest and a pitch meeting with sponsor Endavo Media’s Footprint Network.

The fifth annual NYC Web Fest wrapped up with a stylish award ceremony and party on Saturday night where they recognised the best in web series’ and short films, that were shown during the festival.

NYC Web Fest Founder, Lauren Atkins – Photo was taken by Ramon Mercado

2018 saw record numbers of submissions and attendees, according to founder Lauren Atkins, who went on to say, “I am incredibly proud that we had such high-quality productions from around the world participate in our Fifth annual event.

“With content creators taking control of their own narrative, it was very fitting to have jury members Justin R. Ching & #oscarssowhite creator April Reign speak at the festival. They have been so instrumental in ensuring that underrepresented groups have their stories told. We were also thrilled to host Natasha Negovanlis – she is the perfect example of the power of this medium, and she was so gracious to her fans. Audiences of web series are growing rapidly because people want to see stories that matter to them.”

CLAIREvoyant star Natasha Negovanlis and host/emcee Arda Ocal – Photo was taken by Ramon Mercado

The top award, as previously mentioned, was Best Web Series, which went to 18 Grand: A Personal Space Odyssey. The award was sponsored by Endavo Media’s Footprint Network. The CEO, Paul Hamm, said: “Sponsorship is about putting your name and reputation on something that someone else controls. This was our first year partnering with NYC Web Fest and we were proud and satisfied to have been a part of this 3-day creator event produced by Lauren and her great team. We saw inspiring content, met many incredible creators and thoroughly enjoyed the overall NYC Web Fest 2018 experience.”

The jury panel, this year, consisted of Justin R. Ching, Alex Cirillo, C. Fitz, David Kau, Nathalie Kohen, Shira Lazar, Joanna Pickering, April Reign, Tessa Treanor, and Xilla Valentine; click here to find out more about the jury panel.

Joanna Pickering said, “The content was amazing. It was a joy to watch. It came from all over the world — female writers and directors and from all ages and diversity. It was the toughest decisions to make but it made me proud to watch. Big congratulations to the winners and all finalists and the festival – keep creating.”

Gala Hosts Jeff Ayars & Joanna Pickering – Photo was taken by Ramon Mercado
Panel #OscarsSoWhite & The Digital Revolution: Moderator Tim Rerucha, April Reign, Lauren Atkins, Justin R. Ching, and Adjani Salmon – Photo was taken by Dannieka Cuttino

Here Are The Winners Of The 2018 NYC Web Fest:

Outstanding Achievement in Editing

Bryan Mason – Fucking Adelaide

Outstanding Achievement in Sound

Gregory Para – Nemausus

Outstanding Achievement in Music

Nathan Iskandar – MUTE – Rhythm Through Silence

Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography

Sean Meehan – 18 Grand: A Personal Space Odyssey

Outstanding Achievement in Writing

Adjani Salmon, Ali Hughes – Dreaming Whilst Black

Dreaming Whilst Black – Adjani Salmon and Natasha Jatania (writer & director) – Photo was taken by Ramon Mercado

Best Supporting Actress

Tilda Cobham-Hervey – Fucking Adelaide

Best Supporting Actor

Rory Albanese – Stellar People

Dynamic Duo

Natasha  Negovanlis, Annie Briggs – CLAIREvoyant

Best Documentary/Reality

A User’s Guide to Love – Ricardo Castro, Daniel Vidaurri, Diego Bolaños, Cultura Colectiva

Best Mystery/Thriller

After Nightfall – Wayne Tunks, Nicholas Price

Best Drama

RED – Germana Belo, Viv Schiller, Fernando Belo

Best Dramedy

HOMESICK – Pat Giguere, Benjamin Dujardin, Mathilde Waignier

Best Comedy

Stellar People – William J. Stribling, Russ Nickel, Brent Madison

Stellar People – Russ Nickel & Rachel Reiss (creator and casting director) – Photo was taken by Ramon Mercado

Special Guest Star

Lauren Lopez –Stellar People

Best Actress

Sachi Parker – The So-So You Don’t Know

Best Actor

Adjani Salmon – Dreaming Whilst Black

Best Foreign Language

Public Writer – Eric Piccoli, Marco Frascarelli

Best International Web Series

Sucking Diesel – Maurice O’Carroll, Sinead O’Riordan

I Love NY

Anya Marina: Indie-pendent Woman – Jon Sosis, Anya Marina, Bethany Watson

Anya Marina: Indie-pendent Woman – Bethany Watson, Ariane Ireland, Kate Walsh, Anya Marina, and Jon Sosis – Photo was taken by Ramon Mercado

Best Short Film

TONES – Tanair Gaines, Danielle Howe

Best Pilot

Constance Cooks – Marc Stuart Weitz, Constance Zaytoun, Richard Kim

Best Director

Marlene Rhein – The So-So You Don’t Know

Best Web Series

18 Grand: A Personal Space Odyssey – Jen Browne, Steven Conroy, Amanda Dieli, Sean Meehan

18 Grand: A Personal Space Odyssey – Sean Meehan, Jen Browne, Amanda Dieli, and Steven Conroy (series creators plus Amanda and Steven are the lead actors) – Photo was taken by Ramon Mercado

We would like to congratulate every single winner. We sure hope that everyone had a brilliant time at NYC Web Fest 2018. Also, we would like to congratulate everyone who was nominated for awards, as well as all 85 digital series and short films that were selected to be shown. We look forward to the next one.

What do you make of the winners of the 2018 NYC Web Fest? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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