2022 Looks Like Another Big Year For NYC Influencer Megan Linke 

Megan Linke and her Instagram account Li & Me In NYC are on a continuing rise. After the remarkable growth and grand collaborations in the last year, 2022 seems to be leading in the exact same direction. Meanwhile Linke is adding to her high standard portfolio. 

It’s only been about two years since Megan Linke started sharing photos of herself and her son Liam wearing on Instagram. Starting some viral challenges like ‘Twinning’ the two went viral and Meg’s Instagram ‘Li And Me in NYC’ account was racking up the followers. With the right awareness for the moment, she worked hard to keep providing high quality content. Not only loved by her ever growing community, but also hard to ignore for countless top tier brands looking to share the creative mother’s audience. 

Whether it’s French fashion and beauty players like Yves Saint Laurent, Loreal Paris, or Italian designer Ferragamo, they all approached Megan for collaborations on her channel. The boy-mom from the Upper Westside of Manhattan has quickly reached a level that many micro-influencers would describe as their ultimate goal. 2022 proves that Linke knows there is a lot more out there, as well as a lot more to put out there.

In the highly competitive and ever changing industry of social media content creation,. Linke consciously avoided the typical traps and shares a much more unfiltered version of her life. Instead of cringe-worthy TikTok dances, we receive an insight into different parts of her life. Whether it’s fabulous high fashion shootings or her son Liam’s dentist appointments or football matches, followers fget to see a ‘real person’, not a robotic internet persona.

Using Her Reach For The Right Causes

Currently counting over 260.000 followers, the audience keeps growing at a fast pace. Megan linke is also an engaged animal activist, personally taking care of her 5(!) rescue dogs, two of them being special needs dogs. 2022 is also a year where she wants to continue to share more of that part and engagement with her audience. It is a huge inspiration to mothers of all age all over the world to see that Linke is able to follow her passions and run a business while being a mother.

Linke, who grew up in Illinois and her Midlands roots seem to keep her grounded. Behind all the glamorous collaborations, it takes a strong amount of discipline and dedication to build a business and authentically integrate personal passions while fulfilling the daily tasks of a mother. Last year, her engagement gained her a spot in yahoo’s top 10 influencers of the year. This year, things seem to look even bigger.

Photo credits by: Alex Savidis

Written by Peter Jones