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22 Songs Ashton Irwin Co-Wrote

For Ashton’s birthday week here at CelebMix, we compiled a list of 22 songs he has co-written that have gone on both of 5SOS’ albums.


22. “She Looks So Perfect”

Everyone knows this song as the song that put 5SOS on the map in 2014. In the 5SOS book, “Hey, Let’s Make A Band,” the band said that Michael wasn’t too find of the song after he helped write it.

21. “Just Saying”

This song was placed on the Good Girls EP. This song has a different sound from any of 5SOS’ older songs. This song talks about the fact that the narrator would be better for the girl than her boyfriend.

20. “Tomorrow Never Dies”

“Tomorrow Never Dies” was a Target only song. Despite that, fans from all over the world were able to hear the song. In 2014 when the album was released, fans loved this song because drummer Ashton Irwin was given solos throughout the whole song.

19. “Outer Space”

“Nothing like the rain, when you’re in outer space,” are some fans favorite lyrics from this song. This song is a mash up with “Carry On”. “Carry On” flows into this song. In between the two songs is the sound of ocean waves. “Outer Space” is performed separately from “Carry On” during the SLFL tour.

18. “Waste The Night”

This is another one of 5SOS’ songs that talks about seizing the moment while you can. “Waste the Night” also talks about not wanting the other person to leave them alone.

17. “Long Way Home”

Not only is this song on the first album, the band released an acoustic version on their Good Girls EP. Fans loved the acoustic version of this song. This song was written along with Michael, Alex Gaskarth and John Feldmann.

16. ‘Everything I Didn’t Say”

In a track by track review uploaded to Youtube, Ashton went on to explain what this song was about. “It was sort of written about when you’re in a relationship and then you break up and you’re like, “Man, I just didn’t commit at all to that. The other person put a lot more effort in than you did and then you regret it and that’s what the song’s about.”

15. “Close As Strangers”

This was another bonus track on the Target version of 5SOS’ debut album. The song talks about not seeing and talking to someone for a while so it feels like you’re almost strangers. This song was written with Michael, Rick Parkhouse, Roy Stride, George Tizzard, and Josh Wilkinson.

14. “End Up Here”

“End Up Here” talks about how did the charcters in the song up where they were. This song also inspired the name of 5SOS’ movie, “How Did We End Up Here: Live at Wembley Arena.

13. “Good Girls”

“Good Girls” was the fourth single from the first album. It even spawned an EP. Fans loved the way song sounded. It was different from everything else on the album. In a track by track review, Michael said this was one of the first songs he and Ashton wrote along with John Feldman, Roy Stride, Rick Parkhouse, George Tizzard, and Josh Wilkinson.

12. “Money”

“Money” is the first track on 5SOS’ second album, Sounds Good Feels Good. The band have admitted they don’t this song very much, but fans love the way it sounds and how descriptive the lyrics are.

11. “Never Be”

in “Hey, Let’s Make A Band” Ashton say’s that the line “We’ll never be as young as we are now,” is his favorite lyric from their first album. “Never Be” talks about seizing the moment and doing what you want to in the moment.

10. “Hearts Upon Our Sleeve’

Many fans don’t even know this song exists. 5SOS sang a song about soccer (football) with radio presenter Scott Mills.

9. ‘Heartache On The Big Screen”

This song may be from the She Looks So Perfect EP, but people still love it two years later. The song goes on to explain a love story and how it’s almost like a cliche movie.

8. ‘She’s Kinda Hot”

“She’s Kinda Hot” was the first released single from 5SOS’s second album, Sounds Good Feels Good.

7. “Invisible”

Despite Calum singing almost the whole song, Ashton helped write this song along with, Calum, Luke, Michael, John Feldmann, and Roy Stride. Most 5SOS fans listen to this song along with “Broken Home”. The song talks about people not realizing if someone left or went missing.

6. ”VooDoo Doll”

This song from the first album is a fan favorite. The band even posted a one mic, one take video on Youtube in 2014.

5. “Independence Day”

Although not a single, “Independence Day” stole the hearts of many 5SOS fans with Ashton’s incredible solo!

4. “The Girl Who Cried Wolf”

This is one of those ‘tug on your heart strings’ kind of songs. When you listen to it you can really feel the hurt and pain they felt.

3. “Safety Pin”

This song was a fandom favorite as soon as SGFG was released. Fans really related to the lyrics of this song. The fan favorite lyrics are, “Raise ourselves and a middle finger ’cause they all think we’re twisted.”

2. “Rejects”

As soon as the Don’t Stop EP was released, everyone loved this song. The song talks about how it’s okay to be different from everyone else and to not fit the social norm. During the ROWYSO tour, 5SOS even pulled fans on stage to play their instruments during this song. The 5SOS fandom has a lot of favorite songs, but this one is definitely on the top of this list. It reassured everyone that it was okay to be you and be different.

1. Vapor

Ashton has said this is one of his favorite songs on Sounds Good Feels Good. This song is one of the slower songs on the album with deeper lyrics. Ashton helped the band write this song along with John Feldmann and Simon Wilcox. In an interview with Fuze.tv, John stated that Ashton came up with a lot of the musical aspects for the song.


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