23 Times Zayn Was So Gorgeous It Pained Us

Zayn Malik is absolutely gorgeous, there truly isn’t a look he can’t pull off – yes, even the green hair!  To celebrate his birthday and also maybe a little bit because we just wanted to gather up some of his best gifs – we found 23 times, out of thousands, that he looked so good we felt physical pain about it!

23. That wave and perfect smile thing

Everyone doing okay, pulses under control and all that?  We’re feelikng a bit like we want to cuddle Zayn and see this smile forever.

22. When it looked like he had just been woken up

Someone put that sweet boy back in a bed with some hot chocolate and a soft pillow and blanket; we’ve got space available in ours.

21. That time he wore thin stripes and exposed his hip

Um, yep…yep that was a thing.

20. That time he made a face when Harry kissed his cheek

Zayn is just the cutest person and his little lip bite sort of made us lose our breath for a few seconds.

19. That time he played with his hair and it was everything

Did you have to be this cute Zayn?  We guess you did.

18. That time he was singing and he looked perfect

Admittedly, that’s every single time – but he looks especially wonderful here.

17. That time he played with his tongue

He is seriously the most lovely thing in the entire world, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

16. The time that all he did was breathe and he took our breath away

It doesn’t even feel right to give this a caption because words don’t do it justice.

15. That time he was adorable with a stuffed bunny

What’s cuter than Zayn Malik alone?  Obviously Zayn Malik holding a stuffed bunny.

14. That time he looked a bit sarcastic

We didn’t know we needed Zayn to make this facial expression but now we just aren’t going to be able to live without it.

13. The time he had a beanie on and it was breathtaking

Can Zayn get any cuter, we’re sure it would be possible but we’re not quite sure we’d make it out alive.

12. That time he giggled and it was perfect

When Zayn lights up about something he does it with his entire face and it’s mesmerizing.

11. That time he played with Liam’s chin during an interview

His hair, his outfit, and that look on his face; yep – we’re here for it!

10. That time that this happened

We aren’t okay.  We just aren’t okay.

9. That time he smiled and our hearts turned to mush

Anyone else feeling a bit like thumper?  His smile is so perfect.

8. That time he did…this

You can go ahead and just find a way to tattoo this on our bodies and we’ll be ready and waiting.

7. That time he did a perfect half-smile thing

We can’t stop looking at his smile, but if we could we’d no doubt be checking out those lovely tattooed arms.

6. That time he was chewing gum

His jawline…we just…it’s so perfect!  We don’t understand how one person can be this pretty.

5. That time he licked his lips

So anytime he licked his lips was perfect, but this is extra handsome as he’s also sporting the messy hair and a leather jacket.

4. That time he looked like an angel

Zayn is definitely going to return to the stage, but we’ll always miss moments like this, were he was captured singing his heart out with his best mates.  He looks like something sent from heaven.

3. The time he swooned us in the Night Changes video

So we’d give just about anything to be sat opposite of Zayn at a fancy restaurant; especially when he looks this delightful.

2. That time he had the lose strand of hair

The fandom reactions to his lose hair strand were hilarious but the physical pain it caused us was everything but funny.  This particular hair strand means more to us than all the hair we have on our own heads.

1. That time he bit his lip and none of us survived

We aren’t even sure he’s real, but this has to be one of the best Zayn gifs in existence.  We’re not sure what to do except watch this loop over and over and over and over….


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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.