23 Of Zayn Malik’s best WWA Outfits

The Where We Are tour was One Direction’s third tour (Zayn Malik was still a part of the band) and it was full of success. It was also full of wonderful outfits which made our eyes tear up.

In honour of Zayn’s 23rd birthday, we’ve made a list of our favorite outfits he wore during the WWA tour!

23. Bogotá, Colombia

This was the first show of WWA and Zayn couldn’t have worn a better outfit than this one – a white top and a denim vest on top.

22. Buenos Aires, Argentina

This particular outfit is a favorite of lots of fans! Zayn also wore this shirt in one of their photo-shoots.

21. Manchester, England

This was honestly one of the best days ever for the fandom. Zayn looks so cute in the striped shirt with pattern.

20. London, England

Another outfit from the English shows – we just love Zayn in black!

19. Stockholm, Sweden

The swedish show was a pure blessing – we’re always up for Zayn in a flannel!

18. Paris, France

Honestly, how does anyone who attended the Paris show still live?

17. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Zayn wore this outfit not just for the Amsterdam show, but also for the show in Milan, Italy, where was the 1D concert film filmed. (He still wears these shoes now.)

16. Düsseldorf, Germany

The Harley Davidson long sleeve! We’re all *heart eyes emoji*.

15. Berne, Switzerland

Sometimes, a simple all-black outfit can do big things with our heartbeats.

14. Turin, Italy

Zayn Malik. Leather jacket. All black. Wet.

13. Toronto, Canada

Can you hear us screaming?

12. New Jersey, USA

When he wore that Iron Maiden top at the MetLife stadium.

11. Massachusetts, USA

Mr. Malik in jerseys is also a breathtaking thing.

10. Texas, USA

Once again, Zayn in a flannel. Just breathtaking.

9. Arizona, USA

Simple, but effective.

8. Texas, USA

When he wore this crewneck jumper in San Antonio.

7. Oklahoma, USA

Not to mention the way his hair is (not) styled, we died when we saw him in the white shirt.

6. California, USA

We also died when he wore a denim shirt in Pasadena.

5. North Carolina, USA

When he wore his red flannel in Charlotte.

4. Georgia, USA

Black denim shirt and a headband. Headband!

3. Florida, USA

The iconic Zouis top with the Stone Roses. We’re sobbing now.

2. Florida, USA

The beanie, the necklace, the long sleeve… Irresistible.

1. The WWA intro video

Yes, we’re always weak for Zayn in beanies.

Written by CelebMix