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24 of Louis Tomlinson’s best tweets

Today, we take a look at Louis Tomlinson’s best tweets. It took us all of four hours, a bottle of wine and loads of tissues to scroll through his entire Twitter history, but we managed to compile a list that contains both classics and some hidden gems. Some are sassy, some are emotional, some are so strange that we actually have no idea what the Doncaster lad is talking about, but we liked it anyway – and some of them are just so funny!

24. Being embarrassed by his mum

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there Louis.

23. About that jumper with his ‘Oops’ tattoo on it

We’re still waiting, Mr. Tomlinson. It’s been 84 years.

22. Hey potato

We have no idea what’s happening here but anyway

21. Being very passionate about coco pops

Sometimes you’ve just gotta pick your battles

20. Encouraging a fan to… well… just read the twitter convo

19. Always asking the questions that matter

18. Opening up about Harry’s toilet habits

Not sure we needed to know this, but thanks

17. Keeping us updated on his ancestry

16. Giving some useful tips for everyday life

Still wondering what led to this conclusion

15. Loving a good pun

and so do we

14. Bringing some sarcasm

13. Pretty sure he’s talking about himself here

12. Getting cheeky

11. Bringing out the sass

He is the sass-master from Doncaster, after all

10. Inviting James Corden to join the band

Which has our full support, by the way

9. Being his grateful self

8. Being super helpful whilst answering fan’s questions

7. This pretty much sums him up

There’s a reason he described himself als ‘mischievous’, right?

6. Refusing to let Liam join his Lad Crew

A never-ending saga it seems, but enjoyable nonetheless

5. Another pun

Sorry, we really love puns

4. And another one that just doesn’t make sense

at all

3. This thrilling saga

2. That glorious time when he discovered emoji’s

and proceeded to emoji-tweet the entire bridge of History

1. And his most retweeted one

Regardless of what you think the message of this tweet is (though we like to think it’s pretty straightforward), the fact that it is the second most retweeted tweet in the entire world is enough to grant it the number one spot in this countdown.

What do you think? Any iconic tweets we missed? Let us know over at CelebMix1D!

Written by CelebMix