24 Reasons why everyone loves Louis Tomlinson

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson turns 24 next week. It’s been crazy to experience not only his physical growth but also his musical growth. Louis has touched the hearts of many over these past 24 years, so we’ve picked out 24 reasons why everyone loves Louis starting with:

1. His charity work 

“When Petrina and Phil asked if I would consider becoming a patron of their charity I was honored, there was no doubt in my mind and of course I said yes. I told them I will do everything I possibly can to help raise awareness so I can help other people like Eden. I am incredibly passionate and driven to make a real difference with this brilliant charity.”

From helping the Eden Dora Trust foundation to the believe in magic foundation, Louis remains helping out many foundations and children in need donating more than $3 million dollars to the believe in magic foundation.

2. His love for his family

He’s proven to be mama’s boy multiple times but he’s shown his unconditional love to all of his family including all of his sisters many times.
24 Reasons why everyone loves Louis Tomlinson 1

3. His love for the fans

Talking about love, Louis has always shown tremendous amounts of love towards the fans and it’s something that’s very appreciated. His efforts to comfort fans in the kindest ways possible never go unnoticed. He might hold your hand extra tight or comfort you in the tightest hug if you cry, but it’s what makes him so special. 

4. His voice

Louis’ voice has improved so much throughout the years. He brings a beautiful sound to the band and without him, the band wouldn’t sound the same. His beautiful, soft vocals bring a warm touch to each song he sings.

5. His crossed eyed face

His classic crossed eyed face is one fans have grown very fond of, you know… this one:

24 Reasons why everyone loves Louis Tomlinson 4

 6. His love for the boys

Talking about love again, since the beginning of the band Louis has shown so much love towards the four boys. Although Liam and him weren’t too fond of each other, their friendship has taken a beautiful turn into water fights, hugs, and interviews together. From defending them in interviews to defending them from the media, his love remains as strong as ever.

7. His dance moves

Even though he’s told the world many times how terrible his dance moves are, we can’t help but love them. I mean, look at this:

8. His confidence

“I’m the type of person who likes being the center of attention. For the whole of The X Factor I didn’t have a solo which, for me, being on the fringe, was a tough pill to swallow. When we got to recording sessions that situation deteriorated – I was less confident than the other lads in my vocal ability. I was delighted but, at the same time, I couldn’t really understand why I was in the band. That was really low, that feeling of not having a purpose, of just being along for the ride. In the end I decided to do what I knew had worked in the past – be persistent. It wasn’t until the recording sessions for the second album that I started to feel comfortable with my vocals. The lads were helpful too. They’d boost my confidence. Looking back, having to question myself helped me. Even from the early days it was clear we all had our part to play individually, but that together we were somehow greater than the sum of our parts.”

When the band was formed, Louis was insecure about his voice and didn’t have enough confidence. He’s slowly worked himself up and gained the confidence he’d been searching for. This has inspired many self-conscious fans along the way. Louis’ beautiful voice and personality fits perfectly right in.

9. His accent

His Doncaster accent remains one of the strongest from the four boys. You can practically hear it in these gifs, it’s beautiful.

10. His smile

You know that one crinkly eyed smile that melts everyones hearts? Everyone adores it. His smile can light up the whole room and leave anyone with a huge grin.

 11. His sense of humor

Almost everyone has agreed by now that Louis seems to be the funniest in the band. Wherever you see a laughing Niall, the chances are Louis is probably standing right by his side. From cheering the fans up every chance he gets, to having water fights on stage with Liam, we can all agree that Louis has a great sense of humor.

12. His eyes24 Reasons why everyone loves Louis Tomlinson 1

He’s described them to be “bluey greeny blue” and we can all agree he has the most beautiful eyes in the world.

13. His messy hair

There title says it all, I mean, just take a look… effortlessly stunning.

24 Reasons why everyone loves Louis Tomlinson 814. Beanie Louis

This might fall into the category of messy haired Louis, but it needed its own pictures. Again, he looks effortlessly stunning just by wearing a simple beanie.

24 Reasons why everyone loves Louis Tomlinson 715. His style

His classic style contains Adidas, Vans, and few denim jackets from time to time but he knows when to keep it classy and pull out the tux.

24 Reasons why everyone loves Louis Tomlinson 616. His tattoos

Everyone seems to have fallen in love with the ink tattooed on his body. Some fan favorites are the dagger, “It is what it is”, and the teacup.

24 Reasons why everyone loves Louis Tomlinson 9 17. His support for the LGBT community

An old interview, but a gold one. In this interview Louis briefly states his support for the gay community and although he hasn’t spoken about his support much since, it’s something fans take to heart.

18. His lyrics

Since ‘FOUR’ was released we’ve all realized just how much the boys have improved on lyrics. Louis is a big part of this lyrical growth writing fun songs like ‘No Control’ and meaningful songs from the heart like ‘Perfect’ and ‘Strong’.

19. His love for kids

When around kids he’s extra loving and caring. Louis has shown the softer side of him many times with Lux, his sisters, and his not-so-newborn baby sister and brother.

20. His selfies

He keeps us up to date with his Instagram selfies, can’t complain about that now can we?

24 Reasons why everyone loves Louis Tomlinson 15

21. 2011 Louis

Remember the stripes and suspenders? It was sort of the trademark “Louis look” but even though it’s over, it’s still a thing to love and miss!

24 Reasons why everyone loves Louis Tomlinson 1022. His commitment to the band

Throughout the years, Louis has shown great commitment to the band, his singing and lyrics have improved immensely. The fans really appreciate and take that to heart. Even through the break, he’s “pinky promised” that they would return and it feels amazing to get reassurance.

23. His laugh

His real, genuine laugh is a beautiful thing to hear.

24. His overall personality

Last but not least, his overall personality. We can all agree Louis is a wonderful human being. He cares for his family and friends and has a great sense of humor. It’s amazing to see one of your favorite celebrities remain so humble, kind and down to earth. He’s a great role model for many people, for some, he’s like oxygen; and for others, he’s like sunshine. Louis, we love you lots and we wish you the best on your 24th birthday. Cheers to you!

Written by CelebMix