24 times Louis Tomlinson was the light of Jay’s life

“And she loved a little boy very much; even more than she loved herself”

You can learn a lot of things about a man by the way he treats the women in his life.  If he treats them with respect and compassion it’s because he grew up thinking of women as equal.  If he treats them with love and concern it’s because he grew up being taught that a woman’s heart should never be toyed with.  If he treats them like they’re precious it’s because he grew up with the knowledge that showing a woman she’s worthy of good things is one of the most important things that you can do.

When you look at Louis Tomlinson it’s easy to see that he was raised with all of that in mind and then some – and the strong woman in his life who taught him to be kind, loving, and compassionate is his mother Johanna.

Louis Tomlinson: Mama's boy and the Light of Jay's Life 1

Jay not only taught Louis to be strong and loving, kind and understanding, but she loved him – unconditionally – and that love only grows stronger every day.  Jay is truly Louis’ biggest fan, and rightfully so, she raised an actual prince charming.  We love to celebrate love and family at CelebMix – so we thought we’d bring together 24 times that Jay’s support for Louis made us all truly grateful that his precious heart was placed in her loving arms.

24. The tweet about missing her biggest baby

Jay certainly wasn’t expecting to help Louis pack for The X-Factor and not have him home for the next five years; but she handled the change with grace and strength.  Sometimes it’s obvious that she misses her Louis, the one she watched grow up right in front of her.  This tweet showcased that, and we all wanted to reach through our computers and hug her!

23. The time she was so thrilled to spend 24 hours with Louis

Most of us take for granted the time we have with our loved ones, Jay appreciates every second she has with Louis and it’s lovely to see.

22. The time she was so proud of Louis for his magazine cover

Jay’s constant support of everything Louis does is our favorite part of their relationship.  Louis is the absolute joy of her heart, the light of her life, and she never misses a moment to acknowledge it.

21. The time she wished him happy new year after One Direction’s incredible 2011

2011 was quite a year for Louis, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn – her tweet to him and his bandmates was a special reminder of how much she loved them and how proud she is of the people who were helping her son live his dream.

20. The time she talked about how nice it was for the world to see how beautiful Louis is

This has to be one of our favorites – she got to see the reactions of how a group of fans saw her son; the same son she’d seen the beauty in for years.  What a proud moment this must have been for her and for Louis too – we can only imagine the look on his face when he saw this one.

19. The time she told us all she was Louis’ biggest fan

The fandom trends awesome things about Louis, and rightfully so.  On this particular day it seems that Jay caught one of them and enjoyed all the love being sent to her son.  She’s always been his number 1 fan, and always will be!

18. The time she acknowledged him as her star

Louis is certainly a star for everyone to see now, one that people hold close to their own hearts; but before he was a light to all of his fans, he was the brightness in his mom’s life.

17. The time she was proud of seeing his face on the big screen

She’d been seeing his face on the screen for years, but this night was a special one for her and she didn’t let an opportunity pass to remind Louis of how much he meant to her.  The love he must have felt reading this one is overwhelming.

16. The time she was so happy to cook him a meal

Being able to be home for dinner is something that Louis has to treasure with all of his time away; Jay definitely treasures it too.

15. The time she was really missing Louis

One Direction fans love Louis so much, most of whom have never met him – the impression he has on fans is that important.  This tweet reminded everyone just how special he was to Jay too; and just how much she must miss him when he’s away too.

14. The time she doted over him

She calls him ‘her Louis’ which has to be the most perfect thing in the world, and alongside that, she reminded the fans of how often she tells Louis that he’s wonderful and that warms all of our hearts.

13. When she adored hearing Louis get his solos

If you thought fans of Louis were proud of his solos, his mom feels that much pride times a thousand.  Louis’ voice was under appreciated at first, so her joy when she heard his solos and his talent being appreciated was so sweet and so special for her as a mom.  Louis truly makes her the happiest version of herself!

12. The time she reminded Louis that she’s his biggest fan

Louis made his moms day when he followed her on twitter; this was an absolutely adorable tweet reply!

11. The time she made him feel better about a leaked single

Louis and the rest of the boys in One Direction work hard on their work and all of their charity events too; when a song got leaked it upset Louis greatly, but his mom came to his comfort quickly.

10. The time she told us all he was the best

Jay is always so incredibly proud of everything that Louis does; and her reminders are sure to fuel him when he is missing home too.

9. The time she posted a sweet photo of Louis in her lap when he was young

She was missing Louis and found this sweet photo to help fill the void that she was feeling, but instead of keeping it to herself she let us all have a glance at what their early years together looked like – and how she was so proud of him then too.

8. The time she reminded him how proud she was of his passion

It really is special how she never ever misses an opportunity to let Louis know how proud she is of him, and how he’s made her life better just by being himself.

7. The time she brought the twins to support Louis too

She loves getting to experience Louis fulfilling his dream and she brought Ernest and Doris to get to watch Louis be passionate too!

6. The time she let him know she was proud of all his hard work

She saw another opportunity to let Louis know how proud she was of him and she took it.  She definitely always lets Louis know that he’s great every chance she can.  Even on his days off his work ethic and his drive to continue this dream stands tall!

5. The time she talked about Louis’ X-Factor beginning

After thinking he was off The X-Factor and then finding out he was safe and now set to be put in a band he told his mom that he still had a chance and we can only imagine that the pride in her heart was overwhelming.

4. The time she tweeted him a photo reminding him that she’s believed in him all along

Louis believes in who he is because Jay believed in him first.  We’re crying a little bit.

3. The time she was again, feeling the love online for Louis

Jay saw another twitter trend and decided to comment on it, not just to let fans know she agreed, but to remind Louis that his happiness is the most important thing to her.  Louis deserves all of the most beautiful things in the world and Jay won’t ever let him forget it.

2. The time she brought up the No Control project

The fans were SO proud of Louis when No Control was first heard; he completely leads the song.  It was loved so much that an entire project was dedicated to releasing it as a fan single, and it worked.  This must have been a beautiful moment for Jay and Louis to share together.

And the number 1 moment she showed Louis, and all of us that he was the light of her life?

1. The time she used his own song lyrics to tell him that she loved him

This is probably our favorite tweet from Jay to Louis to date – a simple reminder that she’s loved him since she was 18, since she found out that she was going to be a mum.  Jay has loved Louis unconditionally since the beginning, before we all got to experience the greatness that he is.


Louis gets called sunshine a lot, but it’s clear to see that for as much as he lights up the lives of his fans – he lights up the life of his mum even more.  Lovely innit?

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