25 Days of 1D: Our Five Favourite Qualities About Liam

Liam Payne: singer, songwriter and now music producer, he has achieved unprecedented success both as a member of One Direction and in his ventures as a solo artist. He has traveled the world and is adored by millions of fans but still manages to be a genuine, grounded person. Liam has endless qualities which make him the person he is, but here are five that make us love him so much.

1. He is a leader.

Liam is often known by fans as the glue that held One Direction together. From the beginning on The X Factor, Liam (along with Harry) became one of the main voices which anchored the band’s performances. As the boys became more involved with the writing of their albums, he appeared as one of the principal songwriters. Not only has he been deeply involved in the development of One Direction as a band, Liam has always been there to motivate his fellow bandmates. His strength and level-headedness means he was always there to support Louis, Harry and Niall in times of need, whilst coordinating them professionally in rehearsals, on-stage and in press interviews.

2. His sense of humour

Liam knows when he needs to be serious but he also likes to inject a bit of humour into situations, whether that’s in an interview or on stage entertaining fans. There have been many times when interviews have started to become a bit flat and he brought them back to life with a joke. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and his personality always shines through when he is being himself. Check out some of Liam’s funniest 1D moments and laugh/cry your heart out.

3. His perseverance

Though Liam came third on The X Factor in 2010 as part of One Direction, he had previously been on the show in 2008 only to be sent home in the judges’ houses stage. We know that he has so much talent, and we love that he believes in himself even when others don’t believe in him. When 14 year old, he was knocked back on the 2008 show, he didn’t let himself get discouraged. He took the time he needed to hone his talent and improve his performance, coming back two years later to impress the judges. The rest was history.

4. His wisdom

The first tattoo Liam got is a quotation on his arm which reads ‘Everything I Wanted But Nothing I’ll Ever Need,’ a reflection on his career, success and newfound lifestyle. Liam has made a conscious decision to step back and see his career and the accompanying lifestyle for what it really is: something he wants but doesn’t need. This tattoo is an example of how Liam keeps himself grounded and maintains a balanced outlook.


5. His looks

Not to be superficial but Liam is a pretty good looking guy, which helps when we’re watching videos/looking at pictures of him for hours on end. His natural beauty makes his Instagram feed a sight to behold; no wonder he has over 12 million followers. Of course, there is more to Liam than his appearance, but it’s a nice addition to his all-round perfection.


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Written by Emily Gulla

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