Liam Payne’s 10 Best Instagram Posts

The dreaded One Direction hiatus has only just begun and we’re already soooo bored. Luckily, there’s the wonderful world of social media to keep us entertained.  Here at CelebMix we’re celebrating the best Instagram posts from the 1D boys. Liam Payne has always been pretty active on social media and he regularly blesses us with bomb-ass selfies.  Take a look at ten of Liam’s best Instagram posts right here.

10. The topless mirror selfie

Liam’s most recent Instagram post is a gorg topless shot showing off just how much working out he’s been doing since he ate all that Christmas chocolate. We love it.

9. The Niam selfie

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Last nights pic thanks Cardiff u were great

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2015 was the year that Niam rose. Their bond grew stronger and so did their selfie game. This cheeky black and white pic was taken on stage at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium. Liam’s doing his iconic smoulder and Niall’s just, well, being Niall. Quiffs on fleek.

8. Louis ft. Niall’s car

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Oh no Niall !!

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#OhNoNiall. The 1D boys always love to pull pranks on each other and here’s an example. Louis and Liam trashed Niall’s car and tagged on the hilarious “Oh no, Niall” thing that surfaced after Niall fully fell over at a golf tournament. We still laugh.

7. The snapback selfie

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Ok maybe one

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Snapback, beard, and a lovely black and white filter makes for a perfect selfie combo. That serious face, though. *insert heart-eyes emoji*

6. Sophiam + Niall = life

Niall Horan: captain of all 1D ships. Sophiam, Larry – you name it. Let’s be honest, we all want to be Niall right now.

5. Funky Buddha

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I am the funky Buddha

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Funky Buddha (the nightclub) is Liam’s favourite place on earth, so it was only a matter of time before he became one. Add “climb Machu Picchu with Liam” to our bucket list, please.

4. Sophiam at Disneyland

Sophiam: check. Disney: check. What more could we want? Liam is the cutest. Also, bet that Rapunzel actress couldn’t believe her luck.

3. Liam’s bed selfie

Because everybody needs a Liam selfie to get them through the day.

2. THAT boat photo

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Oh I found them never mind aha

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Remember when Liam posted a pixelated version of this and everybody lost their minds? Oh the controversy. Good times, good times.

1. The famous 1D group selfie

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Tonight in Milan was amazing

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And of course, there’s the iconic One Direction group selfie from the Where We Are tour in Milan. So many wonderful memories were made on that tour and on that particular stage (where they filmed the WWA documentary). This photo quickly became a fan favorite; it perfectly captures the boys’ genuine happiness, pride and love for each other. Cue the tears.

So there you have it, ten of Liam Payne’s best Instagram photos. He’s got over 150 of ’em so if you’ve got some time, why not spend the rest of the day browsing over at @fakeliampayne? Go on, you know you want to.

Do you have a favourite of Liam’s Instagram posts? Let us know in the comments or @CelebMix & @CelebMix1D on Twitter.

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