25 Days Of One Direction: A Collection Of Our Favorite Live Performances

At one point your life, you would give your left arm and probably all of your organs, just to get One Direction tickets from Santa Clause. And usually whenever your relatives, that you see a couple times a year, question your motives, you just have to retaliate and ask who wouldn’t want to see Harry whip his hair for a couple hours? Well, we admit, we feel your pain.

It is no unknown fact that One Direction puts on one amazing live show. Their concerts have had rave reviews by all ages and they are always asked to perform on talk shows and other television programs. We just love watching Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam sing their hearts out and make so many memories with each other onstage, a place they call home.

Therefore, this holiday season, we are giving you a great big gift. No, it’s not life size cardboard cut-outs of the boys, sadly. However, we have made a compilation of the best One Direction live performances all the way back from the X Factor days to the beginning of the hiatus. If that is not a good present than we may as well go up to the north pole and start testing jack-in-the-boxes like Buddy the Elf.

First up, we are taking you all the way back to One Direction’s first ever live performance. Even though the boys were still working out some kinks, they showed off their raw talent and proved they had great potential for the rest of the competition and their career. Plus, we just have to mention that we love Harry’s shoulder bop. That move may be gone, but it will never be forgotten.

This performance didn’t just have One Direction, but the lads of Five Seconds of Summer made an appearance onstage, during the Take Me Home Tour, to play the song “Teenage Dirtbag”. Well, lets just say, things got a bit messy making it one of our favorite performances ever.

While we are back in the early years of 1D, let’s just talk about this next live performance from the Today Show. We are not even going to say much. We are only going to hand you some virtual tissues.

Another favorite of ours happened at the American Music Awards. Even though Harry barely finished that last note, we held it for an extra five seconds because we are very EXTRA. Story of our life.

Let’s not forget about this iconic performance, also known as the time where we got to see a whole lot more of Harry all because of Liam. If you don’t have this day marked down on your calendar, we need to have a chat.

This performance was no joke. Get it, because, SNL? No? Okay, too far of a stretch, but the boys looked so good and their vocals were even better singing “Ready To Run”.

Did we pick this live performance because of Niall’s snazzy jacket? Or because of the 1D potato in the middle of the stage? Probably. But watch anyway because this performance is perfect. Literally.

We just had to throw another tear jerker into the list because we just love torturing our readers. Not really, but this is one of our all time favorite live performances. They sang with so much passion our hearts began to weep. Instead of just sending you virtual tissues, we may need to send you a hug and some chocolate as well.

To lighten the mood, this live performance is super fun to watch. Just seeing the boys dance around onstage and Liam wearing a fancy hat is enough to make us smile for the rest of the day.

The One Direction boys have been on Good Morning America many times, but this performance was definitely one of our favorites.

“End Of The Day” was never performed multiple times, so we just had to mention this live performance. The 1D Live London Session was a blessing to the internet and fans got to hear many songs off of Made In The AM . Which means this exclusive performance ranks pretty high on our list.

Similar with “End Of The Day”, “AM” was another favorite performance we will cherish until the day we die. Why do we love this live performance? Probably because the whole world got a good look at Harry’s bum multiple times. No big deal.

On a rare occasion do you mix One Direction and acoustic covers. So, this live performance will always be one to remember.

What makes this life performance so great? All we have to say is, Harry’s little ending bow.

One of the best performances of “You & I” was at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend back in 2014. When you watch, we would just like you take notice in the differences in all their outfits. Is is spring, summer, winter? You tell us.

Does this even count as a live performance? Eh, whatever! 1D Carpool Karaoke will forever be one of the best performances on the internet to date. God bless you James Corden. Also, if you’re reading this James, can we get an iTunes version of your Drag Me Down rap? Please and thanks, from every directioner around the world.

We hate to end the list like this, but we are going to finish where we started. At the X Factor stage. The boys, the audience, and people around the world came together, cried, and reminisced of all the good memories over the years of One Direction. No live performance will ever beat their performance of “History” right before beginning the hiatus.

So, did you end up spending hours watching all of these videos? We hope so. Tweet us @CelebMix to let us know what your favorite live performance is, either from this list, or send us any we missed!

Written by CelebMix