3 Upcoming Movies or TV Shows to Keep an Eye Out For

The entertainment industry is only gathering steam every passing year, saving for international issues such as the recent pandemic, which might slow down production. Still, with all of this content being pumped out at such a rate, it’s hard to keep up with the big releases or to know what you should be following and what might be better left alone.

Ultimately, it’s all subjective, and the only way to discern this answer for yourself is to form your opinions by watching what appeals to you. Still, if you’re completely stuck, it never hurts to have some suggestions of where you should begin, and you might even find that this approach leads you to find new favorites that you would have otherwise never discovered.

The Plethora of Netflix Originals

Granted, this isn’t any one movie or show, but the sheer amount of content that Netflix alone produces means that you can begin to get an enormous variety of content just by focusing on this one platform alone. This also gives you the choice of both movies and shows, as both are produced or acquired at a consistent rate. Furthermore, this might be a good option for you if you struggle with finding the time to watch movies or shows amidst your busy schedule, as you can download the app and various titles on your phone to watch on the go.

If you need time to digest something from a movie or recent episode before carrying on, all you need to do is switch to a different activity on your phone. You might decide to listen to music or find a reputable casino website with the help of https://www.maplecasino.ca/casino-games/online-roulette/ for a change of pace. This is especially true if watching a casino scene in a Netflix Original has caught your attention and left you feeling inspired. As Netflix films and series can take up so much of your time, you would certainly benefit from doing another activity at the same time. These types of activities are perfect as you can still keep track of the film but also do more than just watch TV.

The Final Season of Better Call Saul

If you haven’t seen Breaking Bad at this point, it’s unlikely that you’ll have much interest in the spin-off, and it might be better to throw yourself into the original show before you do at any rate. However, if you have seen it, you might have gone into Better Call Saul with low expectations, but with the final season fast approaching, fans and critics have found themselves on the edge of their seats to see the conclusion.

If you find yourself wanting to get into this before the conclusion rolls around, you have enough time, as it doesn’t begin airing until mid-April.

The Northman

While this might be slightly more niche than some of the other blockbuster titles hitting the screens, Robert Eggers has carved a name for himself through his critical darlings of The Witch and The Lighthouse. While his upcoming epic, The Northman, looks like it might vary slightly in tone compared to the surreal horrors of his directorial past, this might be something that fans of his are happy with rather than uneasy about.

That’s not to suggest that there’s anything wrong with his previous work, simply that it’s important for a creative talent to explore new genres and themes, giving themselves a chance to see what works for them and what works for their audience.

Written by Monella