One Show, Four Women, And The Little Mix Quest For Global Domination

Little Mix’s journey on the X-Factor was filled with emotional ties, streams of tears and harmonious moments.

From the unnecessary cyber-bullying of Jesy Nelson, to choosing a new girl band name (previously Rhythmix), to the anxious wait at the judges house.

It was all a bit overwhelming for all the Little Mix fans whom have been with them since the start of their journey. You could say that they’re in a way apart of the band itself and still are.

These girls literally changed the industry this decade in terms of the return of girl power. Soon after their win a flourish of girl groups entered the spotlight including U.S. girl group Fifth Harmony as well as other bands such as Neon Jungle, Fourth Power, G.R.L., etc.

In other words, Little Mix literally initiated the return of girl power. Girl power may have started with the Spice Girls, but Little Mix have seemingly gone and revived it.

Ballads like ‘Change Your Life’ and ‘Little Me’ are essential (even ‘Wings’) to the continuation of empowerment in the world of music and of life. ‘Little Me’ may have gone underrated and unnoticed by the public but its message strikes a massive chord with fans and non-fans around the world – a song about going back to the past and telling your younger self that you ARE worth it.

As cliche as it may sound, it potentially gave Little Mix more credibility than ever. Following their second album, Salute, the girls have co-written and written almost all of their songs exemplifying the notion that the group have garnered more control of what kind of sound they want to engineer/create.

The music industry is a tough world and the obvious but true complaint that Little Mix haven’t received a wide amount of overseas promotion like other label acts makes it a tad harder for the girl band to even make a major dent in America. But perhaps their big move to the U.S. soon will change all that.

Even then, without promotion Little Mix have broken quite a few billboard records, with their recent two due to third album, Get Weird. Check out their recent billboard breaking record here!

They may still not have all of America wrapped around their finger yet, but something tells us that it will be coming soon; and it might just catch everybody off guard.

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Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.