4 Tips All Girls Should Know Before Waxing Their Legs

Self-grooming is a fundamental activity for both men and women alike. If you groom yourself well, you gain more self-confidence, you emanate self-esteem, and you draw positive attention towards you. One of the main items that come under female self-grooming is epilation. All girls need to ensure that they have correctly waxed their entire bodies, so that wearing clothes that show skin isn’t a problem. Today, we’ll look at 4 tips all girls should know before waxing their legs. 

Exfoliate Before You Wax

Before you plan on waxing your legs or before you make a wax appointment, it’s always essential to make sure that you have exfoliated your legs properly a day or two before. One major advantage of this is that exfoliating sloughs off dead skin cells. Also, exfoliation gets rid of any ingrown hair and those tiny dark bumps on your legs which look terrible. You’ll also notice that if you don’t exfoliate before waxing, your body hair is likely to grow back more quickly; possibly in two weeks. We recommend you dry brush before you shower to get the best exfoliation, or you can use a body scrub or any material that can serve to exfoliate your skin like exfoliating gloves. 

Choose the Right Wax

Choosing the right wax is a vital stage in waxing. Depending on your skin type you should find a wax that suits your skin type. Different waxes exist in the market, like pre-lined wax strips (which are perfect for traveling), hot waxes, warm waxes, and even sugar waxes. Hard waxes are mostly used for sensitive areas whereas warm waxes are perfect for epilating the back, legs, and the remaining body. Sugar waxes serve a significant advantage in that you can easily wash off the residue with water. There are a variety of different waxes that you can purchase from Nacach. These contain different ingredients like chocolate, aloe vera, coconut, rice, and so many more. You can even shop wax accessories, too, so you can wax at home.

Wax Like a Pro

Waxing is a skill to learn, just as there is a way to carry out any task,  like cooking, painting, or writing an essay, there is a proper way to wax yourself, as well. Therefore, learn the craft of waxing if you plan to do it yourself at home. The first thing to ensure is that your hair is of appropriate length. We recommend the ideal length to be about a quarter of an inch of length, the exact time it takes for your hair to reach this length can vary depending upon the speed of hair growth. Once you have warmed the wax, apply it to the desired area in a downward motion, then apply the wax cloth and gently rub it the downward direction of hair growth. Finally, pull the wax strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. Make sure you take your time when waxing. This isn’t something you should be doing in a hurry. 

TLC is Self-Care Indeed

Self-care is love indeed. After you have finished waxing, it’s vital that you apply something soothing to the skin like oil to calm the skin. One major benefit of using an oil is that it will help to remove the wax residue. If you don’t wish to apply oil, you can apply aloe vera gel which has calming properties. You can wash your legs after having applied a soothing agent  and let it dry. Please take note that it’s not a good idea to enter pools, hot tubs, tanning beds, etc.,  after having been waxed. You should at least give your body at least a day or two to calm itself.  

Written by Monella