4 years, 1.5 million retweets, Always.

If you’ve been on twitter today and are a Larrie, know a Larrie, or just sort of keep up with One Direction; chances are, you’ve noticed a bit of hype around the anniversary of a specific tweet posted on this date four years ago.

That’s right, the ‘always in my heart’ tweet was posted four years ago today!  Most Larry fans think this was Louis’ last public show of affection towards Harry before Eleanor came into the picture and things changed in the dynamic of the relationship of the boys [at least as far as fans were supposed to be concerned].

This isn’t a post to talk about the way the boys have been wronged or had to unfairly and without justice, hide their love, this is a post to celebrate it.

Louis Tomlinson, in whatever regard you want to believe, took to a very public forum knowing good and well how much fans paid attention to it, and declared to Harry Styles that he’d always remain in his heart.

In this day and age, that’s the equivalent of a Pride and Prejudice style love letter and it makes my heart absolutely melt.  It’s also important to note that Louis’ tweet is the second most retweeted tweet ever…that’s kind of a big deal.

If you are a believer in the love between Louis and Harry you know their road hasn’t always been paved with positivity and a safe environment; but it has always been something worth fighting for.

Harry has tattooed an entire arm on his body, along with his chest, abdomen and hips, but left one arm blank; the ‘things I can’ arm.  Louis has matched some of Harry’s tattoos in spots around his body after saying before that tattoo’s just weren’t his thing.  Harry has carried around leather bound journals with quotes on them; one of the most famous being ‘let us love’.  The two of them have tried to remain ‘next to you’ even when they were being forced apart, sending signs and gestures to one another to show, if nothing else, that they wouldn’t be completely silenced.  They decided that if their words were taken they’d use their bodies to communicate; they’d ink their skin to justify what they couldn’t say and they’d look to each other for comfort (on stage and off) because once your heart finds it’s home, there’s just no packing up and leaving.

So today, for Larries, we celebrate an anniversary of sorts, we have renewed hope that love always wins, not just for our heroes, but in our own lives too.  We stand together, even though sometimes we’re guilty of tearing ourselves apart, and say that love is worth it and that we stand beside people who have given us reason to believe that they’ve found love in one another, and we smile at the years worth of memories these two have given to us.

It’s truly a special thing, to have seen what exists between Harry and Louis, the way it’s grown when it’s supposed to have been silenced, and the way it’s given a lot of us the strength to follow our own hearts too.

Regardless of what happens in the future or where their journey takes them next, true fans of the boys will be here to love and support them through the journey.

Love wins; always. 

Always in our hearts Louis and Harry . Yours sincerely, Larries 


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.