4 Years of Emma Blackery

How has time gone by so fast? Emma Blackery’s YouTube channel is 4 years old today- and we’re here to celebrate! The first video that is currently available to watch on Emma’s channel, called “Zelda or GTFO” was uploaded 4 years ago today.


Fans have been tweeting under the hashtag #4yearsofemmablackery, which is full of sweet, positive messages for Emma.




To celebrate her four years on YouTube, we’ve picked out 4 must watch videos from Emma’s channel. The videos we’ve chosen represent some of the different aspects of her channel, from comedy to inspiration to music. Enjoy!

1. If Websites Started Dating

This is one of Emma’s most viewed videos-and for good reason! In this short comedy sketch, Emma acts as some of the main social media platforms on a date. From the fast pace of Snapchat to the controversy of Tumblr to Google Plus being sad and lonely- it’s all a bit too accurate and hilarious.

2. YouTuber vs. Musician: Roast Yourself Challenge

Emma recently did the Roast Yourself Challenge that has been going around YouTube, and it’s one of the funniest ones we’ve seen. Emma takes a unique perspective and plays two characters in the video- one is herself as a YouTuber, and one is herself as a musician. The two characters go on to diss each other’s lifestyles, and the digs she makes at herself are on point. It is the most work Emma has ever put into a video, and her effort in the lyrics and production really shine through.

3. Feel Good 101

This is Emma’s inspirational series, where she takes a break from the regular comedy of the channel and discusses important topics. From depression to bullying to appearance issues, there is likely something that everyone can relate to struggling with. She said of the series: “If it’s made one person feel special, important and loved, then I’m glad it’s here.”


4. Sucks To Be You

Sucks to Be You is Emma’s most recent single, off her EP of the same name. The song is catchy, classic pop-punk, and perfect to blast when you’re feeling completely over an ex. Plus, the music video is fun and colourful, reminiscent of Avril Lavinge and Paramore in the mid 2000s.

Emma’s channel has been on quite the journey over the past four years, one full of ups and downs, growth and change, and many milestones and achievements. Emma recently went on tour with her favourite band, Busted, and played at the O2 Arena. She released her new EP, Sucks to Be You, and sold out her first ever headline tour.

On top of these career achievements, Emma has also made lots of progress personally. She openly admits in this video that she used to spread drama and was sometimes rude to people, especially fellow Internet content creators. She has owned up to her mistakes and changed her ways. She no longer checks her indirects on Twitter, doesn’t “spill the tea” about other creators, and promotes a drama-free positive lifestyle to her supporters.

We’re so proud of how far Emma has come in these four years. She’s been through countless hair colours, a few abandoned channels, and 2 EPs, and more. It has been amazing to watch her grow as a content creator, musician, and person, into the wonderful human she is today. Congratulations Emma Blackery, on four years of comedy, inspiration and music on YouTube. We can’t wait to see what the next four years (and more!) bring for you!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.