Lacey Turner deserves a BAFTA for her portrayal as Stacey Branning

London born EastEnders actress Lacey Turner, 27, who plays Stacey Branning nee Slater, began her TV career in advertising, when she appeared on a Haribo advert as youngster.

The young actress attended the esteemed stage school, Sylvia Young Theatre, from the age of 10, but left after just one year, later admitting she was teased by the other kids for being “geeky”.

So Lacey attended a private girls school near her home while attending singing, dance and acting classes outside of school.

The talented star joined the cast of the BBC 1 soap EastEnders in the year 2004, playing Stacey Slater.

Lacey Turner played Bi-Polar sufferer Stacey until 2010, where she took a break from the show.

While away from the soap the 27-year-old appeared in a few TV shows including the ITV 2 supernatural drama Switch, and most notably the BBC 1 drama Our Girl.

After her break Lacey returned to Albert Square to reprise her role as Stacey Branning nee Slater and has been starring in the BBC soap ever since.

Since she joined the cast as Stacey, Turner has been at the centre of many of the soaps main story-lines, including the mystery of ‘Who Killed Archie?’ where she was revealed as the killer during the fantastic 2010 live episode. It was later revealed that Stacey had murdered the evil rapist in self defence after he had raped her.

The British actress has also wonderfully portrayed her characters Bi-Polar disorder, winning countless awards for her brilliant portrayal of the mental illness.

Now the Londoner is at the centre of one of the most powerful story-lines in soap history, playing Stacey, as she suffers with postpartum Psychosis after the birth of her baby boy Arthur.

Postpartum Psychosis is a mental illness that can affect new mothers, and people with Bi-Polar, which Stacey has, have a higher risk of developing the illness.

The soap actress has been applauded by fans and charities for her moving and believable portrayal of a postpartum sufferer.

And while Lacey Turner has won countless awards for her acting and has won more British Soap awards than any other actor, she still hasn’t won or even been nominated for a prestigious BAFTA.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts, celebrate the most inspiring and excellent actors of British film and TV, so it does make you wonder why one of our finest actresses who continually puts in awe-inspiring performances on EastEnders still hasn’t even been nominated for an award by BAFTA.

Why? What more can the young star do? She is consistently the best actress on TV and wins countless soap awards, so why not a BAFTA?

The next BAFTA’s will take place on May 8th, but it looks like once again Turner has been left off the list.

As one of the bright light’s of UK talent it’s about time that Lacey is recognised for her outstanding contribution to drama.

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For more information on postpartum Psychosis you can visit the Mind website.


Written by Laura Klonowski

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