4th Impact Features On Tony Valor’s New Single & Video “D’ Nah Nah (Shaky Bum Bum)”

We’ve been waiting for this collaboration to be released for some time and it is way better than we initially thought it would be. This track sees 4th Impact team up with Tony Valor, marking it the girls’ first collaboration since 2015’s “My Air” which was a collaboration with TwinZ – back then they were known as MICA. This one is a sure-fire track; titled “D’ Nah Nah (Shaky Bum Bum)”, it’s the second time Tony Valor has released this song, having previously recorded it with Zuka as the featured star.

We love this collaboration, and it is great to see 4th Impact making the necessary steps to global superstardom and we are excited to follow and support them with every single step. The song follows up their previous track “It’s Not The Same Anymore“, which was a soundtrack single to the Filipino film Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes.

As for Tony Valor, he’s been making waves in the Latin music industry for many years, continuing on his legacy since his family and heritage has been a part of the music world for even longer. His father is one of his biggest inspirations – who is a musician in his own right, having quite the career. Now, Tony Valor plans to follow in similar yet different footsteps as he conquers the industry in his own genre. He’s released a bunch of singles and remixes with there now being two version of “D’ Nah Nah (Shaky Bum Bum)”.

The song was written by Tanasoiu “Ryme” Liviu, Pavel Petricenco, Andy Robert, and Tony Valor; whilst the music video was directed by Russell Fogle, with Luis Perez acting as director of photography. The single has been released this week under HK Music Media.

Watch The Music Video For Tony Valor’s “D’ Nah Nah (Shaky Bum Bum)” Featuring 4th Impact Here:

“D’ Nah Nah (Shaky Bum Bum)” is an eastern world meet western world kind of song that brings together global musical influences and combines them into one track. This collab is bound to get some comparisons to the previous version, and they are pretty similar; however, 4th Impact brings more of a mainstream-pop sound to the song, whereas Zuka has this modern R&B vibe going on.

The music video is a much better quality than the one that features Zuka and really puts the spotlight on Tony Valor and 4th Impact. The choreography was created by Tony Valor himself where he claimed he once had ‘two left feet’. It’s pretty simple yet easily goes with the song itself.

The visual opens up by introducing the girl group where Simon Cowell and Cheryl are quoted from The X Factor audition the four Cercado sisters did – which has now hit 100 million YouTube views. This excites us, knowing we’re in for a treat! Tony Valor impresses vocally; and, in the clip, he exudes performance vibes with an air of confidence. Then 4th Impact comes along and blows us all away – nothing new there. They just have this undeniable energy, perfect dance ability, and flat-out incredible vocals that really works to make this a solid track and a solid music video.

The 4th Impact featured version of “D’ Nah Nah (Shaky Bum Bum)” is available to download and stream right now through HK Music Media.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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