4th Impact Has Released The “Unleash The Diva” Music Video

It’s been a long wait for this music video; but, finally, the girls of 4th Impact have released the music video for “Unleash The Diva“. Throughout the visual, all four girls are fierce, sassy, and confident; bringing star power in every way.

The single was originally release on 30 January 2017; can you believe we’ve waited just over five months for this music video? Released today, with many people noting that it had a low-budget; the girls prove that they can still put on a show, regardless of the type of music video they are doing.

Before you watch the music video below, we highly suggest you check out our review of 4th Impact’s debut single “Unleash The Diva“; which we wrote about back in January. It’s still a killer track that we can’t get out of our heads, even now.

Watch 4th Impact’s “Unleash The Diva” Music Video Here:

The music video is a pure performance piece, that sees the four-piece nailing the dance choreography. We knew there was going to be a lot of dancing in this video, since they slayed their way through The X Factor series 12; their audition, of which, has over 82 million hits on YouTube.

As a whole, they are fierce and confident, whilst adding a bit of sass to the visual, just like the song does. Almira, Celina, Irene, and Mylene, each have their own style which complements the sisters as a whole. It is a much tighter style, with viewers being able to identify with each of the group members.

The song is strong, and the music video is a pretty good low-budgeted visual. After a long wait, we were expecting something bigger and better, but the girls totally work it to the best of their ability. We cannot wait for new music from this quartet.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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