5 covers that are as beautiful as BTS’ originals

BTS’ songs hold a special place in ARMYs hearts. While the fans share and live through the originals, the group often add dance breaks to their songs and improvise on the notes during the live performance to give a different flavor to their tracks. Dance break in “Mic Drop” and the unplugged version of “Young Forever” is case in point.

Considering the quality of their musicality and their massive popularity, BTS has drawn a lot of attention and many artists have taken over their channels to collaborate and create covers for groups’ released tracks. Today, we share 5 covers that according to us, are as good as originals. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

“Serendipity” by Kristian Kostov

Kristian Kostov is a Bulgarian singer who represented his country at Eurovision Song Content 2017. He might have finished 2nd but he ended up winning audience’s heart. The singer has been mesmerizing his fans with his beautiful tracks and today, he released a cover that would definitely blow their minds. Today, Kostov took on his YouTube channel to release the cover of “Serendipity”, a song sung by Jimin from BTS.

Not only did he cover the song but also made a point to build a positive mood around it. One can see him enjoying his rendition and it resonates well with the listener.


“Blood, Sweat and Tears” by Megan Lee, Yoandri, and KHS

Megan Lee and Kurt Hugo are household names for people who are a regular covers’ explorers. The Voice’s participant, Megan Lee has been releasing both original and cover songs for quite a long time.KHS too has collaborated with a lot of artists and each of his covers has been received well. When the duo came together, nothing less than exceptional would have been expected.

Just a few days ago, the duo collaborated along with Yoandri to release their own rendition of BTS’ hit single “Blood, Sweat and Tears”. The song is a slower version of the original track but more than the speed, what really makes this cover unique is the team’s use of drum and echo. The instruments instead of supporting the vocals in the background become an active participant in the cover and give their own unique flavor to the single.

“Singularity” by Dragon Stone

A few days ago, BTS released the comeback trailer for their upcoming album. While “Euphoria” led listeners to feel moments of epiphany through its vibrant tune, “Singularity”, on the other hand, set a melancholic tone for the album. The paradox has already left fans in frenzy about the future tracks and concept.

When people had not been able to overcome the effect V left through his performance, Dragon Stone decided to cover the single. We’re not complaining though!

New to the music scene, Dragon Stone is not as popular as artists like Sam Tsui but he has had his fair share of views. For a new listener, the cover of “Singularity” is a good place to start with. The singer has been able to maintain the mood of the single and his vocals complement the music quite well.


“DNA” by Sungshin

Sungshin is a part of a Thai girl group named Rose Quartz. Last year, she released the cover of BTS’ single “DNA”. While the original track comprised of 7 artists, Sungshin has been able to retain the energy and variety, all by herself. Be it Suga’s rap or Jungkook’s part, Sunghin sang all the parts of the song, differentiating each with her expressions. The single showcased us her talent as a performer.

By the end of the track, we were left, wanting for more. Hopefully, we will get a chance to listen more from her in the coming future.

“Spring Day” by Roy Kim

Do we really need to introduce Roy Kim? The singer from South Korea, Roy Kim is a reputable singer who has released many singles and original soundtracks for dramas like Pinnochio. The singer recently garnered attention when Jungkook covers his new single “Only Then”. Not only did Kim loved the cover but he also decided to cover one of the BTS’ songs in return.

Just after Jungkook released the cover of “Only Then”, Kim revealed his ballad version of “Spring Day”. Needless to say, Kim just made the song more beautiful with his deep vocals and his beautiful arrangement. His take on V’s part in the track is worth listening to.




What do you think about these covers? We have listed only 5 but we are sure that some more can make up to our list. Share your favorite covers of BTS’ songs via tweet @CelebMix.

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