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5 Finchel Duets That Will Make You Totally Emotional

If you’re a fan of Glee, massive or casual – you can’t look back on the series without thinking of Finchel.  One of the many reasons that Finchel – Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson – were so important to Glee fans was the connection that Lea Michele and Cory Monteith shared far beyond their characters.  While Lea and Cory didn’t official step onto the scene as a couple until 2012 – their chemistry was evident from the moment the two met, both on and off set.  Rachel and Finn were the couple everyone rooted for from the beginning; Rachel being the show choir sweetheart and Finn the heart of the football team – they were a match made in a not-so-typical high school love story heaven.

 Rachel and Finn somehow embodied everything fans of Glee were looking for – their stories, different but similar allowed viewers to find themselves in Finn and Rachel.  Their hearts, both passionate and loving, gave viewers an emotional attachment to the characters that kept them coming back.  Perhaps the easiest thing to get attached to, when it came to Finn and Rachel, was the obvious love between them.

When Cory Monteith passed away in 2013, fans of Glee were floored – as were his cast mates.  Cory’s friends and loved ones were initially in shock – then the reality of the situation hit and we saw some of the strongest people struggle to be the same without him.  Cory was a light in this world, and everyone he knew saw it – even in his dark days.

Not only is Cory missed by his co-workers who’d become friends and family to him, Finn is missed by fans all across the world – he was, and always will be, everyone’s Quarterback.

It’s been a year since Glee left our television screens; and a bit longer since we saw the love between Finn and Rachel, and we wanted nothing more than to go back and relive some of the glory days.  From their first kiss on the show choir stage to the last – where Rachel kissed Finn in their hotel room – we found a few of our favorite Finchel duets with some of their best flashbacks to look back on.  We recommend you grab some tissues.

5. Don’t Stop Believing

The first real performance of The Glee Club and one of the first tastes of that doe eyed girl that Rachel was, and will always be, when it comes to Finn.  He was a little shocked, a little scared, but already falling – just as Rachel was.  This performance is referenced as a big moment between the two many times during the series and it’s easy to see why.

4. Without You

During one of the most heartbreaking times in Finn’s life, Rachel sings to him about how her life, her heart, and her existence would be nothing without him.  He felt broken, humiliated, and more than that – lost.  Rachel reminded him, in front of everyone, that as long as they were together, they’d always be home.  This performance seemed raw at it’s core – like it was Lea singing it to Cory (as did almost every duet they did) but there is always something stand out about this, we couldn’t stop watching it as we were writing.

3. Faithfully

This performance is the core of Finchel – Finn tells Rachel he loves her and she looks at him with knowing eyes, like it’s the first thing she’s truly ever heard, the only words arranged that truly touched her heart.  After a rough start for the duo – this song truly summed up how they felt about one another and their hopes for the future – as long as they were together, they’d have it all.

2. No Air


This song was definitely underrated, but absolutely incredible.  No Air was a huge step for the two of them, dealing with jealousy of others and figuring out their own feelings – the two slowly began to realize that without one another, things weren’t as good – even the happy times weren’t as sweet.  Their voices on this song are absolutely amazing and the words of the song resonate with the couple.

1. We’ve Got Tonight

We’ve Got Tonight is the last performance with Finn and Rachel; the last time fans were able to see their chemistry on stage – it held (at first) promise, hope, and happiness for fans, now it holds memories that they want to look back on and keep close forever.  Some fans stopped watching after this episode, once they found out about Cory’s death – wishing to remember the couple as they were here.  We understand why, they were definitely at their happiest.

After Finn’s death; he was mentioned during the show in moments that grabbed your heart, your attention, and your emotions; especially when it dealt with Rachel.

The most heart wrenching moment for Finchel fans had to be Rachel’s performance of To Make You Feel My Love in remembrance of Finn.  While the song was obviously special to Rachel as a character to Finn, Lea said she picked the song because it was special to her and Cory – which made it all more painful.  The entire episode that said goodbye to Finn was hard to watch; not one fan got through it with a dry eye, we know we can’t watch it now without crying.  There was no better, or more heartbreaking song to send Finn and Cory out with.


Another moment, short but sweet, was during Rachel’s performance of Who Are You Now on Broadway where she sang – seemingly to Finn – and we got a view into her memory of her first glance at the heartthrob.  We’re still not over this one either.

While saying goodbye to Glee was hard, saying goodbye to Finchel was impossible – and while their happiest moments together will always bring Glee fans joy, they also bring their own kind of heartache too.

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Written by Ashley

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