5 Reasons To Go And See MNEK Live On His US Tour

Last year, CelebMix brought you the news of MNEK’s astounding debut album Language. Next week the popstar will be heading out on his own headline U.S. tour.

An outstanding short U.K. leg last year made it clear that MNEK is a performer and this is why you shouldn’t miss catching him in the States.

1. His stage presence

If this first one needs explaining, we are going to assume you haven’t caught an MNEK live performance before. When it comes to owning a stage, there are few who have the command that the 24-year-old does. Admittedly, standing at over six feet tall with braids down past his shoulders, his stature is pretty unmissable. His whole performance personifies that self-claimed power that is abundant in Language, and on his own stage, MNEK will be in his element.

2. The Hits

Sure, MNEK’s new record is on par with, if not even cleverer, than his featured hits. However, if any of your friends need persuading to discover who MNEK is just reel off the likes of ‘Ready For Your Love’, ‘Never Forget You’ and ‘Blinded By Your Grace’ and they will have their ticket in no time. Then again, you could just let Language’s title track ‘Background’ do the talking…

3. His Voice

When we say this boy can sing. We mean, this boy can SING. Not only is MNEK’s voice diverse in flowing from whistle clean pop vocals to soulful ballads, but it is also incredibly powerful too. In fact, we’re not even sure these venues are going to be able to contain it…

4. His backing dancers

MNEK just loves flipping the script and when his four notorious male backing dancers strut out in matching tracksuits and high heels, you know you’re in for a performance. Check out this video of ‘Tongue’ live from Scala last year. What a serve.

5. The Album

MNEK may have been quite vocal on social media about the statistics of his debut album, but when CelebMix called it a ‘pop bible‘, we meant it. MNEK is the mastermind behind some of the decade’s biggest hits and him getting his own chance to take the reigns did not disappoint. The chance to experience the whole of Language live, weeks after its release… that’s something not to miss.

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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