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5 Reasons We Can’t Wait For Little Mix’s Apple Music Presents Show

Tonight Little Mix are teaming up with Apple Music for their special Apple Music Presents: Little Mix Live From London show in Hackney. This up close and personal show will be a lot different to the arena settings in which fans are used to seeing the quartet in. We’re lucky enough to be heading down to the show and here are five reasons why we can’t wait!

They’re Performing With A Live Band 

For the first time in three years, we get to see Little Mix back and performing with a live band. This just further adds to our excitement about how special tonight’s show is going to be. We’re so used to seeing the girls with a slick choreographed dance routine but instead, we’re going to see them with a live band alongside them, it’s going to be an even more memorable performance.

New Music

The quartet has announced that at the show they’ll be playing new track The Cure live for the very first time at the Apple Music event. But we’ve also been promised some more new material; we’re crossing our fingers that Told You So is included because let’s be honest it’s the ultimate friendship power track and we love it!

We Can’t Wait To Hear Some Classics

Over the years Little Mix has put on some of our favourite live performances and tours, to see them in a stripped back setting we can’t wait to hear some of the classics performed with a twist. We’ve been dreaming up the ideal setlist for the show but it keeps changing as choosing your favourite Little Mix tracks is definitely harder than we thought!

The Q&A Session

We’re looking forward to seeing some Mixers burning questions being answered by Beat 1’s Julie Adenuga. Having seen some of the great questions been asked on Twitter we know there’s going to be some interesting answers provided by the girls. Especially given some of the snippets from the interview they’ve already done with Apple Music! It’s great seeing the girls so candidly and openly talking about the album and their music. Guilty pleasure? No chance! We love you Little Mix and we don’t hold back on telling the world.

It Feels Like The Start Of A New Era

This week the LM5 era feels like it really begins. In the lead up to this week, the girls have had listening parties, performed at the Radio 1 Teen Awards and returned to The X Factor. We can’t wait for the further success which is set to follow the release of their fifth album. Across Twitter, as the days pass the excitement for the release is rising and we cannot believe on Friday it’ll be unleashed, we just know it’s going to be our favourite album yet!

We cannot wait for tonight’s special show with Little Mix and Apple Music; if you can’t be there the show is being streamed on Apple Music from 8.30pm. Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of LM5 which is released on Friday 16th November over on Little Mix’s webstore.

Will you be at the show or watching from home? Tweet us @CelebMix and let us know!



Written by Nicola Craig

Lover of all things pop, a boyband or two, and discovering new artists to get hooked on. You'll usually find me at a gig, truly living my best life without a care in the world.