5 Reasons why we miss One Direction’s Where We Are Tour

The One Direction boys are on hiatus and in between playing all their albums on repeat, watching “This Is Us” a few more times, and taking selfies with our cardboard cutouts, we found the time to make a list of five reasons why we miss each tour. This time, we take you back to 2014, the year of the Where We Are Tour.

5. the South-American leg

Every stereotype about South-Americans being extremely passionate was confirmed when One Direction touched down on the continent in 2014. There’s no better word to describe the South-American leg of the Where We Are Tour than wild. And not only the fans were wild – apparently the enthusiasm of the crowds was so contagious that it got to Harry as well, causing him to get ‘Brasil!’ tattooed on his thigh and showing said tattoo to a crowd of thousands. We can never thank you enough for that, South-America.

4. The headscarves

To be completely fair, Harry had already started experimenting with some interesting headwear during the Take Me Home Tour, but during the Where We Are Tour he took it to a whole new level. During 2014, we rarely saw mr. Styles’ manes flowing freely, which was a bit upsetting, but his choice of headscarves more than made up for that. This is also the point where we’d like to mention our eternal gratefulness for that short (like, really short, way too short) period where Louis wore headbands. We’ll never forget. Here’s a video of a headbanded Louis singing Little Things.

3. The huge venues

Obviously, we prefer to see the 1D lads up close and personal, but you got to admit that it was pretty awesome to realise how easy it was for them to fill entire stadiums. And telling your friends and family who think they’re “just a talentless boy band” that that boy band just sold out three nights at Wembley Stadium was oddly satisfying.

5 Reasons why we miss One Direction's Where We Are Tour 1

2. All the Lirry

While it’s clear that Liam and Harry got along right from the start, 2014 was the year where you really couldn’t escape their friendship. On stage, the two lads were pretty much constantly teasing each other and things got so steamy that we almost had to re-evaluate our shipping choices. Almost.

5 Reasons why we miss One Direction's Where We Are Tour 1

1. The Better Than Words crotch grab

Life is full of uncertainties, but if there’s one thing you can always count on, it is that Niall will grab his own crotch during his solo in ‘Better Than Words’. We don’t know if he came up with the grab, that quickly turned into a signature move, himself or if we have to thank Paul the choreographer for this, but either way: we hope ‘Better Than Words’ never gets taken off the setlist.

5 Reasons why we miss One Direction's Where We Are Tour 2

Any important Where We Are Tour memories that we missed? Let us know in the comments or over at @CelebMix1D!

Written by CelebMix