5 Reasons Why Hemp Products Are So Popular

If you’re starting to think you’re seeing hemp products in Australia everywhere, you’re probably NOT imagining things! Estimates vary, but it is believed that the global hemp industry is worth over AU$61 billion, and sellers of hemp oil products are keen to grab a slice of what’s becoming a more lucrative pie by the year.

So, why are hemp products, which have only become popular recently, viewed as desirable commodities? This article provides five reasons, although we can assure you that there are many more!

1 – Hemp Products Are Non-Intoxicating

When you purchase hemp oil products from a top international seller like Premium Jane, you know that while pleasant, the effects will not include intoxication. While hemp contains a wide array of beneficial compounds, it does not contain any known to cause a ‘high.’

While some people enjoy the feeling of intoxication, being caught in possession of such substances could result in you getting into legal difficulties. Furthermore, you could lose your job if you have to undergo a drug screening at work and test positive for outlawed compounds.

With hemp products, there is no danger of intoxication, so you can confidently go about your day knowing that what you’re using is perfectly legal.

2 – Hemp Oil Products Are Suitable for Users of All Ages

Assuming the products come from a reputable seller that uses high-quality hemp, they can be used by people of all ages. Therefore, it is possible to use hemp products whether you’re 8 or 80. Of course, it is best to closely control how minors use the oil and monitor the effects.

When using hemp products for the first time, take a small dose to see how it affects you. Over time, you can gradually increase the consumption rate until you get to a point where you’re happy with the effects.

3 – Hemp Products Are Convenient & Versatile

When shopping for hemp products, you’ll likely notice that most brands sell them in oil form. Hemp oil contains an array of phyto-elements with additional ingredients, including MCT oil and perhaps natural flavouring. When using the oil, you should place a few drops beneath the tongue and wait 60 seconds before swallowing.

Hemp oil products should come with a handy dropper that makes it easy to measure the amount you want to consume. The entire consumption process takes very little time, and you can incorporate the process into your daily routine. Furthermore, you can elect to add hemp oil to food and beverages if you wish.

There are also hemp gummies and topicals on the market, and the range of products keeps growing!

4 – The Cost is Falling

When hemp products first entered the marketplace, many consumers were dismayed at the high price. It was initially a niche and ‘trendy’ industry, with relatively few sellers. Therefore, companies could charge a high price in the knowledge that interested consumers would pay.

However, over the last couple of years, the level of competition has grown exponentially. There are hundreds of hemp product sellers, so even the best brands have dropped their prices enormously. It is possible to purchase 60 x 25mg hemp gummies for around AU$120, or the equivalent of AU$2 per gummy. You would likely find 10mg gummies a few years ago at the same price!

Please be wary when buying hemp oil products that seem a little bit ‘too’ cheap. High-quality hemp products still cost a lot to manufacture. Therefore, if you see hemp oil at a knockdown price (except during a sale), you should have grave concerns over the standard of the product.

5 – Hemp Has Many Potential Health Benefits

Research into the health benefits of hemp is ongoing, and sellers of hemp products are not allowed to make any medical claims. However, the plant is linked with the following:

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Decreased pain and inflammation
  • Better sleep
  • Energy boost

Final Thoughts on Why People Love Hemp Products

Hemp oil products are versatile, affordable, legal, convenient, and non-intoxicating. They are suitable for a high percentage of the population and are widely available online. When purchasing hemp products, please ensure you use a trusted brand that can provide updated third-party lab reports, proving that what they sell is safe.

If you haven’t already joined the hemp revolution, jump on board today to see what this remarkable plant can do for you. 


Written by Monella