5 reasons why we love Harry Styles

As CelebMix is turning 5 years old today, we’re celebrating all of our top 5’s. From our top 5 unknown facts about our favourite stars, , 5 favourite episodes and TV moments, top 5 musical performances, and best of all – our top 5 reasons why we love them! So, naturally we’ve compiled this list of our top 5 reasons we love Harry Styles.


Harry’s mantra which echoes through everything from his merchandise (which usually donates a proportion of sales to charities close to Harry’s heart), promotion and his music (a song on Fine Line is aptly TWPK) is to always ‘Treat People With Kindness’. His fans are always reminded to do this, spreading nothing but pure positivity in the world.


When it comes to style – Styles has it (mind the pun). Harry is not afraid to wear something off the runway. From featuring in 3 Gucci campaigns to bringing flared trousers back, bold knitted jumpers and waistcoats, there is nothing Harry can’t pull off.

Charity Work.

When you are as influential as Harry Styles, you can have a massive impact on others lives. Harry has chosen to use his impact to create good in the world. He is a patron for many charities and campaigns, and even his lovely mum Anne Twist is using her time to make lives better for others around her. The world is brighter with Harry’s heart!

Dance Moves

There is nothing on this earth as cute as Harry loosing himself entirely to music. This is another reason we love Harry.From the choreographed steps in 1D’s ‘Kiss You’ video – right up to his full blown rocking out whilst singing in front of thousands at Wembley. It’s our favourite thing.

Lyrical Genius.

In a world music is our ‘medicine’ sometimes lyrics can be underappreciated or sometimes a little dull. One thing Harry has perfected with his writing team is to make sure that never happens, from the depth of lyrics in ‘Two Ghosts’ – “We’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me
Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat”
right up to the fun and uplifting vibe in Harry’s current single ‘Watermelon Sugar’ – “Tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin’
And it sounds just like a song
I want your belly and that summer feelin
‘” his lyrical ability has us wondering – how can he ever top these!

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Written by NikiSmith

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