5 Seconds of Summer’s New Direction in Music

Last week the hit band 5 Seconds of Summer spontaneously announced that they will be releasing their second album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ on the 23rd of October this year. They also allowed fans to get a listen on a second song called ‘Fly Away’ from the album following the release of their new single ‘She’s Kinda Hot’. Both songs are undeniably different to their previous hit singles from their debut album and I wanted to know what fans actually think of this new rock vibe that 5sos have been introducing into their new music.

Athena a fan of the band from Athens, Greece says: “I think that their new music is exactly what they wanted to achieve ever since forming the band back in 2011. They were held back under this category of being a ‘boy band’ for so long, especially as they toured with the worlds biggest boy band One Direction. Now they are finally breaking out of that title and getting punk guitar and hard core drumming back onto the radio.”

It’s obvious that most obsessive 5 Seconds of Summer fans are really loving their new sound and if ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ and ‘Fly Away’ are an accurate representation of what’s to come in the second album, 5 Seconds of Summer could potentially bring punk rock music back into the limelight and put the sweet sound of boybands and melodies to shame.

Written by CelebMix