How 5 Seconds of Summer Inspires Artists

As people, we’re all different. Our interests are different and we’re passionate about different things. We have different talents and those talents are fueled by different things. For some people, music is the fuel that inspires them to do what they love.

Diversity is something big in fandoms. There are writers, YouTubers, musicians, and artists, among many other sorts of people. In 5 Seconds of Summer’s fandom, fans are inspired by the band’s music and the band’s passion to do what they love. Through the bands music, fans are pushed to pursue their own dreams and do what makes them happy.

Coffee paintings of the 5SOS lads made by Ayesha.

We spoke to one artist in the fandom, Ayesha Field, about how Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, and Michael Clifford, have inspired her art.

Okay, so you’re an artist, a marvelous artist if I say so myself, what inspired you to start drawing?

Thank you!! It was really forced as I had to do it as a subject, so I tried it like two years ago.

Why did you start drawing fan-art in particular?

I thought it was cool to just do a drawing of someone famous also in class we had to draw a portrait so I was like, “Why not Luke Hemmings?”

Have you ever felt discouraged or like your art wasn’t good?

Yes definitely! My art teachers were NEVER encouraging. They always put me down but when I started doing fan art, people were so nice about great about it, it helped me with my confidence.

Ayesha’s Van Gogh style painting of drummer Ashton Irwin.

Has the fact that 5SOS has noticed and appreciated your art encouraged you to pursue art as a career or continue drawing for years to come?

Yes, it made me so happy and it’s really like a motivation to keep doing it, like my idol saying something of mine was amazing?? It just gives you that needed push to keep trying different things. I mean I’m teaching art for two months soon and most of my drawings are practically 5sos.

What is it like being an artist in the 5SOS family?

A lot of people are just so into the art people bring, I’ve made a lot of friends who like 5sos through art which is beyond amazing!

Do you feel like you would be the same person without 5SOS?

Probably not, I’ve made a lot of my greatest friends through them.

Ayesha’s lyric art inspired by the tracks on the band’s second album, Sounds Good Feels Good.

What have 5SOS taught you?

They’ve taught a lot with not giving up, working for what you want and that some sacrifices need to be made but roll with it and it will all be ok.

In what ways have 5SOS impacted your life?

It’s sounds weird to say but I can’t imagine my life with them being a band? I wouldn’t have met my best friends, wouldn’t have kept going with art, it’s odd to think they can change your lives so much!

If I you had the chance to thank 5SOS what would you say?

I’d say, thank you for creating something so amazing.

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Written by CelebMix