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5 times that One Direction made us cry

One Direction gave us five years of wonderful memories, sometimes they made us laugh and other times they made us cry. We thought we’d take a look back at some of those times that they made us all a little emotional for both good and bad reasons.

Zayn leaving the band

Sorry, we’ve gone for the jugular with this one. But Zayn leaving was incredibly sad for us fans and of course for the rest of the band who were halfway through a tour when he left. It was extremely brave of Zayn to leave a situation that he was unhappy in and took a lot of courage, especially knowing how close the band were.


One Direction becoming a band

All five members of the band entered the X Factor as solo artists. Nobody would predict just how iconic this moment that changed all their lives would become.

The last date of the On The Road Again Tour

Halloween 2015. The last night of One Direction’s On The Road Again tour took place in Sheffield, effectively making it Louis’s home gig as he’s from nearby Doncaster. Packed with fans and the boys family, friends and loved ones, they performed their last gig together before their impending hiatus.

Performing on X Factor before going on hiatus

One Directions final live TV performance before the hiatus was on X Factor. The boys went back to where it all began to give one last performance, which was fitting as they do have a lot of history with the show.

One Direction X Factor video diaries

The video diaries the boys filmed while on X Factor are some of the funniest things they have ever done. They make us cry with laughter everytime we watch them.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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