5 Years of 5SOS: 5 Seconds Of Summer’s Inspiring Journey

December 3rd officially marks 5 Seconds of Summer’s anniversary as a band…for five years now! Yes, it has been five years since the band came together in 2011. It is no doubt that these boys have certainly grown since we first started following them. We’ve stood with them through thick and thin and we cannot more be thankful enough for all the inspiration 5SOS have given us.

In honour of their 5th birthday, we talk about how 5SOS has evolved from a garage band to international rock guards.

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5 Seconds Of Summer’s music has evolved greatly over the past years. Hearing their past EPs, it’s no doubt that they possess the talent even before they came into the spotlight.

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As for the fans, supporting the band’s music comes with many perks. Not only do they get to hear great music, but they’re given the opportunity of front row tickets to watch this band grow into something more. From low-quality YouTube videos to recording their tracks in studios, it surely has been a pleasure seeing these boys do what they love and grow with their fans in the name of music.

5 Seconds of Summer Music Collection 2011-2016:

  • Unplugged EP (2012)
  • Somewhere New EP (2012)
  • She Looks So Perfect EP (2014)
  • Don’t Stop EP (2014)
  • Amnesia EP (2014)
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer Album (2014)
  • Good Girls EP (2014)
  • LIVESOS (2014)
  • She’s Kinda Hot EP (2015)
  • Sounds Good Feels Good (2015)

Another amazing experience of being a part of 5 Seconds Of Summer’s journey is getting to see the world through the band’s tours.

#5YearsOf5SOS: The Best of 5 Seconds of Summer's Journey As A Band 1

Since 2012, the band has embarked on multiple tours, taking their fans along the fun ride. They started playing small gigs around Australia then dominated the world stage with a handful of sold-out arena shows.

But 5SOS’ tours don’t only provide amazing concert experiences, but it also brings the fans together as one huge family. The band and their music served as bridges to connect people from all over the world, creating one huge community of music lovers.

As the band always says, nothing can top off the support that their fans give every single time and they are forever thankful for having such a beautiful family from all over the globe.

And as for us here at CelebMix, we’re wishing 5SOS a Happy 5th Birthday!!! May you continue inspiring your everyone with your heartfelt and great music. Here’s to teenage memories!

5 Years of 5SOS: 5 Seconds Of Summer's Inspiring Journey 1

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