5 YouTube Series You Need to Watch

YouTube has a wide variety of different things to watch. There’s tons of content that surround pop culture, world news, education and so much more.

We’ve gathered a list of five different YouTube series for you to watch.

1. British vs American & more – Evan Edinger

British vs American & more is a series by Evan Edinger in which he and other individuals, who tend to be YouTubers, too, discuss a certain topic and how it differs in Britain and America. Some videos do feature how a certain topic can differ in other places than just Britain and America, e.g. Germany and Canada. The series is an interesting one, as it gives insight into how other cultures and societies go about different things. Topics included so far include driving, school uniforms, food and much more.

2. Alternative Lifestyle – Sugar Pine 7

Alternative Lifestyle is Sugar Pine 7’s series of videos that mainly revolve around Steven Suptic and his friends James, Cib and Autumn. Other individuals are often featured in the videos, such as Parker, Jeremy, the mystery that is Alfredo and more. As stated on their Reddit, Sugar Pine 7’s videos are best described as freeze-frame narrated, semi-scripted comedy vlogs. Although there are videos that predate the beginning of season one’s playlist, the first episode of the Alternative Lifestyle series is called “Sourcefed Is Cancelled”.

3. Symbols & Hidden Meanings – ScreenPrism

We’ve all had times where we’ve found out something from a show or a film that we didn’t even think about before, and then suddenly everything makes a bit more sense. ScreenPrism’s Symbols & Hidden Meanings series does exactly what it says. They make videos analysing and detailing things that happen in TV shows, films, etc. but in a little bit more depth. There are a wide range of videos in this series to watch. They have videos on the symbols and hidden meanings in Game of Thrones, The Incredibles, Get Out, Black Mirror and more. All the content from ScreenPrism is definitely worth checking out.

4. The London Guide – Samantha Maria

London is a huge city, full of history, entertainment and lots of exploration. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle vlogger and blogger Samantha Maria has started a series all to do with London. So far, she has videos covering different things to do and see in Shoreditch, Soho and Notting Hill. This series is perfect for anyone who’s new to London, and would like some guidance on places to visit, or for anyone who just loves watching aesthetically pleasing videos on different cities and towns!

5. Minimalism Journey – Katrin Berndt

In this series, you’ll watch and experience Swedish lifestyle and beauty blogger and vlogger Katrin Berndt’s journey to minimalism. In this, she tends to focus on decluttering and staying tidy and organised. Within her minimalism journey playlist, she has a similar mini-series called Life Decluttering which has five episodes. Whether a minimalist lifestyle is something you’re interested in living yourself, or if it’s just something you find may inspire you to declutter your life, they’re videos that are satisfying and motivating to watch.

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Written by Georgia Brown

A 20 year old from the UK. I like bands and video games. If you believe in music like I do, I'm sure we'll get on well.