22 of Harry Styles’ Best Vocal Moments

Harry Styles is turning 22 soon, and we just couldn’t let his birthday slip by without showcasing some of the best things about him.  Harry’s stage presence mixed with his incredible vocal talent is one of the best parts about One Direction concerts – he truly gives his all in every song and every performance.

Here are 22 of Harry’s best vocal moments!

22. This part in Kiss Me

We kick off with young Harry singing his part in Kiss Me and it makes us smile, look back fondly, and remember how this whole journey with One Direction started.

21. When Harry sings in Clouds

If you were lucky enough to go to OTRA you know this is the song the boys rushed the stage to – Harry’s voice on the tune is powerful and strong, it’s one of his best shows of vocals to date.

20. This part of You & I

This song never stops giving us chills and Harry’s voice when he sings not even the gods above, could separate the two of us is perfect. He puts his all in to every song, but this one is a little bit extra special

19. The time he did this during Midnight Memories and we didn’t survive

Um, but did you have to do this?  His voice sounds incredibly soulful and a bit sexy and that hair flip!

18. The way he sings Infinity

Harry has said that Infinity is his favorite song on MITAM and we understand why; he sings it with so much passion that it’s hard not to get lost in the tune.

17. Harry covering Use Somebody

Does this one even need an explanation? His voice is a perfect match for this song.

16. This note in Last First Kiss

We will never be able to get over the early days with One Direction and even thought Harry’s voice has only grown more incredible with each passing moment he’s spent with One Direction – some of our favorite tunes come from the beginning.  This is definitely a moment that Harry had incredible vocals that we’ll never forget.

15. His passion during Through The Dark

Harry gives it all from start to finish at all of his concerts and you can always tell which songs mean the most to him – Through The Dark is definitely one of them.

14. This part of Ready to Run

Ready to run is one of those songs you could listen to on repeat and not get sick of, this specific part of the song is one of the main reasons why.

13. This part of Summer Love

This is one of the most honest lyrics in all of One Direction’s songs; you just hope the person you cared about won’t forget that you had it all – the emotion in Harry’s voice when he sings this song is beautiful.

12. His voice in Story of my Life

This is another one that’s hard to put into words, his voice here almost takes our breath away.

11. When he did this during No Control

Harry always goes crazy during No Control (wonder why….) and this was absolutely one of the best things he added to the song, not only is his voice smooth but the little growl he adds – we’re here for it!

10. This solo in Night Changes

Harry’s original verse in this tune is lovely, but when Zayn was ill and we first heard Harry sing this part, we fell in love immediately!

9. His raspy voice in Kiss You

So we had to put this song on the list twice because during this specific performance Harry does something unique with his voice and our hearts sort of melted.

8. This part of Little Things

We couldn’t make a list of Harry’s best vocals without including this tune – and can you get past his smile in this specific video? A smile makes all the difference in the tone of someone’s voice and this song is enhanced by Harry’s light.

7. When he sings Strong

Strong has always been one of One Direction fans’ favorites.  Harry’s voice on the track is packed full of emotion, this specific part of the song is always lovely.

6. When he re-created his own echo during Stockholm Syndrome

His voice, his bun, his sideways smile – we didn’t survive this one.

5. This line in Stockholm Syndrome

Okay so we just talked about Stockholm Syndrome but you cant blame us for including it twice.  I’s an incredible tune to listen to on the album, but hearing it live is even better – especially when Harry’s smooth voice takes over!

4. This run in Drag Me Down

There aren’t any words, we seriously lose it a little more every time the end of Drag Me Down approaches and we know we’re about to hear this part. Harry is an angel. We’re convinced.

3. His solo in Over Again

Over Again is one of our favorite songs and Harry’s solo in it is absolutely beautiful, honestly out of every song One Direction has put out, this one has to be one of the most lovely.

2. This note change in 18

Harry has done some lovely note changes during the OTRA tour, two of our favorites came from 18 and this specific occurrence has to be the best one he did.  His voice is soft but strong and he carries it so well – we could listen to this forever.

1. This Fireproof note change

If you ask any OTRA concert go-er what note change they remember best; it’s likely to be this one.  Harry added a little extra during fireproof – already a fan favorite – and made the song that much better.  We don’t know about you, but when we’re listening to this in the car – we add the oOoOoOoOo too.

There are 22 of our favorite vocal moments from Harry!  Did we include your favorite? Tweet us at @CelebMix and @CelebMix1D and let us know!


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.