5SOS Announce Jet Black Heart as New Single

Last week, Ashton Irwin give us a hint of what the new single would be called and now it’s all been properly confirmed. 5sos have announced the next single from their brand new album Sounds Good Feels Good and it may or may not be… -drum rolls Irwin please, Jet Black Heart.

The boys truly love this song, just as much as we do  “We made this song and this album for you. We decided to share with you what is really going on in our lives in the hope it might help some of you with whatever is going on in yours.”

And because the aussies guys love their fans, they want the whole 5sosfam to get involved in the music video. By sending an email, they explained why and how to help them :

“You guys are everything to us and we would be nowhere without you. We hear such incredible stories from all of you about your lives and what our music means to you everyday; whether it be online or in person, we love hearing you as it makes all the hard work we put into this worthwhile.” lovely guys !

“So we want YOU GUYS to help us make the music video for ‘Jet Black Heart’. If you want the chance to feature in the video for ‘Jet Black Heart’, we want to hear from you. You can send us an email telling us what this song and album means to you.We want to hear your stories and what is happening in your lives…It would mean the world to us if it had helped you in some way :)”. An oppen letter to the boys ? Got it !

Basically, all you have to do is open your heart and write down an emailby 11.59pm GMT on Thursday to jetblackheartvideo@gmail.com !

Need inspiration ? Listen to Jet Black Heart right now !

Written by CelebMix