5sos Bring A Mini 5sos Up On Stage

We’ve seen a lot of fun and exciting things from 5sos in the past week since their tour began. So far they’ve performed three amazing shows in Japan and they’ve been even more active on Twitter, so we’ve got to see all of the fun behind the scenes stuff that they’re doing outside of the shows.

But it doesn’t stop there. At and acoustic show in Tokyo yesterday they had a LITTLE surprise for us. A mini version of 5sos which they called ‘minisos’ came out on stage with the boys and they even dressed to look like them! If this wasn’t already cute enough they had mini instruments and had a go at performing ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ which won our hearts over.

The boys also posted photos on Instagram and Twitter after the show of them and the mini version of themselves. As well as the mini 5sos boys looking super cute, the boy who was Calum’s mini wrote him a little note which made him even cuter.

He wrote “I want to play the bass like Calum” and we can just imagine how happy that made him. In Ashton’s tweet there was a photo of a drawing that one of the boys had done for him and he said it made him miss his brother who’s back at home. You can tell it was a mix of emotions for us and the boys as well!

After this who knows what 5sos will have in store for us on the rest of the tour? We know we’re excited anyway!

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Written by CelebMix