5SOS Drop ‘Easier’ Music Video and it is Trending on YouTube

On Thursday (May 23rd), 5SOS released the music video for their new song ‘Easier’. As well as this, the music video is in the YouTube trending section.

We are super excited about this new era of 5SOS and we think that if this new single is anything to go by, then 5SOS four is going to be exceptionally amazing.

The music video shows the members of the band, submerged in water at some points and also in a cave. The colour themes of the music video are blue and red, which could potentially be some form of teaser for the general theme of 5SOS four.

As well as all of this, it is easy to notice that Luke doesn’t have a guitar with him like he usually does. Instead, his hands are tied to the roof of the cave. We believe, that this could replicate a time where he has been tied into a situation. This would fit well with the lyrics of the song as part of the lyrics say, “is it easier to stay, is it easier to go, I don’t really know” and in the music video at this part of the song it goes back to Luke being tied up.

We believe that this song is about decisions and just wondering whether it is easier to stay in a situation, or whether it is easier to just leave.

Towards the end of the video we are met with each member walking down a corridor, with their pictures on the wall. However, their pictures are on fire. This could represent, walking away from the old era of 5SOS to lead into the new era in their next songs.

Overall, the music video fits well with the song and we are loving the track so much.

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Written by Emily Severn

I'm Emily, I am really enthusiastic about music, celebrities, YouTube, TV shows, writing and sport.