5SOS fans celebrate #3YearsOfWhereverYouAre

Do you still remember the day 5SOS released “Wherever You Are” on YouTube? It sure feels like it was just yesterday. How has it been three years already? cue the fetus feels

Well, whether you believe it or not, today officially marks the third year of WYA! Three years ago, 5SOS uploaded the music video for the song on their YouTube channel. The video, which is a compilation of short snippets of the band’s journey up until that day, has now racked up over 26+ million views. And as much as to everyone’s dismay, “Wherever You Are” was never included in the band’s following official releases.

Nevertheless, the song still remained as one of the many fan favourites along with 5SOS’ other unreleased tracks.

Here we share some of the fans’ reactions and comments through the hashtag #3YearsOfWhereverYouAre:





“Torn in two, and I know I shouldn’t tell you but I just can’t stop thinking of you, wherever you are.”

#3YearsOfWhereverYouAre It’s the third anniversary of our favourite song Wherever You Are where the lads expressed their love for us, 5SOSFamily.

Forever thankful for this song, lads. Please continue creating songs that speaks about us and to us. You reminded us that we all have our voices and we are the voice of our generation. Thank you for this beautiful piece. We will always love you wherever you are.

Watch and relieve your favourite parts: http://youtu.be/2GRtFC8nTag

As for us here at CelebMix, 5SOS sure knows how to swoon all of us over with their charming personalities and thoughtfulness for each and everyone. Never stop inspiring and keep on rocking boys!

It’s not too late to join in the fun, you can use the hashtag #3YearsOfWhereverYouAre across all social media platforms and share your favourite memories!

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Written by CelebMix