5SOS finish the first leg of their Sounds Live Feels Live Tour

5SOS started their worldwide arena headliner tour almost a month ago, and the first leg is already over.

The band toured 11 cities in about 3 weeks and a half. They got to play huge cities such as Tokyo in Japan, Shanghai in China, Taipei in Taiwan, Singapore in Malaysia, Jakarta in Indonesia, Bangkok in Thailand and Manila in Philippines, which was sold out! There’s no better way to end the Asian leg of the tour than with a sold out show. We know 5SOS are proud, as they never thought they would be able to tour so many places in Asia. We also know 5SOS LOVE this continent, so to start their worldwide tour there was an amazing idea!

5SOS' Sounds Live Feels Live Tour: Asian Leg 1

Now let us give you a little wrap up of the Asian leg of the tour, as it was so amazing you need to remember it. We would also suggest a little celebration with your friends in the 5SOS fam, but don’t forget there’s still a lot to come on the Sounds Live Feels Live tour!

5SOS' Sounds Live Feels Live Tour: Asian Leg 3

The Setlists…

We were so excited when we saw 5SOS were playing a lot of new songs, including “Broken Home“, one of the fans’ favorites off the new album Sounds Good Feels Good. We were also pretty happy when we realized they were still playing those incredible songs like “Wrapped Around Your Finger” and “Permanent Vacation“. However, only after one show, 5SOS changed the setlist. They replaced “Broken Home” and “Wrapped Around Your Finger” with “Beside You” and “End Up Here“. On the fourth show, they changed the setlist again. They took off “Waste the Night” and “Outer Space” to put “Heartache On the Big Screen“. The next date, they played less songs, not playing “Disconnected” this time. They reassured us on the next show, putting back “Disconnected” and “Waste the Night” on the setlist, although “Outer Space” was still out. Now 5SOS, why are you doing this to us? We can try to explain, by saying it is normal for a band to change their setlist, and even more when it’s the beginning of the tour. They see how the new songs go and how the setlist in general goes. We think they might have took off “Outer Space” because they wanted to be able to interact more with the fans, which is a great thing. We also know Luke have been sick, which is probably the reason why they didn’t play “Disconnected“. For the other changes, maybe they just didn’t feel the setlist right, so they changed it. As of “Broken Home“, 5SOS said the song didn’t do so well in Japan, which is the reason why they took it off the setlist. Who knows, they might bring it back on another leg of the tour!

Here is the final setlist for the Asian leg of Sounds Live Feels Live tour:

  1. Carry On (intro)
  2. Hey Everybody
  3. Money
  4. Disconnected
  5. Don’t Stop
  6. Heartache On the Big Screen
  7. Waste the Night
  8. Castaway
  9. Jet Black Heart
  10. Amnesia
  11. Beside You
  12. Vapor
  13. End Up Here
  14. Voodoo Doll
  15. Good Girls
  16. Permanent Vacation
  17. What I Like About You
  18. She’s Kinda Hot
  19. She Looks So Perfect


5SOS' Sounds Live Feels Live Tour: Asian Leg 4

The Soundchecks…

The soundcheck is an amazing experience for any 5SOS fan. You get to see them quite close, to watch them rehearse some songs and to ask them some questions! A lot of things can happen during those soundchecks for fans. There is always some funny moments between the boys and the fans and some more serious moments, that are most of the time very interesting. We went over everything that happened during those soundchecks to only tell you the most important. First thing we got to know, that a lot of fans enjoyed, is that Dave, their most known security guard, has a favorite 5SOS song and it is “Beside You“. Who knows, maybe this is why 5SOS brought it back on the setlist. We also got to know 5SOS’ best cover in Luke’s eyes: “I Miss You” by Blink-182. You can watch their cover in the live lounge of BBC Radio 1 below if you haven’t seen it yet, or if you want to watch it again. As we said, the boys can be funny in those soundchecks, and Michael is probably the best at it. A fan asked him about changing his hair color and here’s what he replied: “I have never changed my hair“. Right Michael, you are right. You don’t even know what is hair dye, how could you anyway? We have also heard about a funny Luke… A fan asked what name she should give to her dog and Luke said if the dog is blue, it should be named Michael, if it’s blond it should be Luke and if it’s angry, Ashton. We wish we could have seen Ashton’s reaction on this as it must have been something to laugh about! Talking about him, Ashton can be so generous. In one of their soundchecks, he gave his drumstick to a fan that was from Australia. How sweet! Now here is a moment a lot of fans couldn’t get over, and as they called it, it was a goal moment. A fan asked Michael to dye his hair red again, and as fans were saying “please” he said: “You know what? I’ll dye my hair for you baby“. We have to agree this girl has achieved one of the best goal with Michael. The boys usually sing about two songs at every soundcheck. We heard that Luke sang a little part of “Death of a Bachelor” by the band Panic! At The Disco. Oh how we wish we could see a video, as it must be such a beautiful thing. Now here is the last thing you NEED to know: the boys rehearsed “Catch Fire” and “Safety Pin” in their private soundcheck! This means they might play it on a future leg of the Sounds Live Feels Live tour. Who’s excited about this? We for sure are! You can watch a little video of the rehearsal of “Safety Pin” below.


The best moments…

5SOS on tour is always great. We get to hear new songs live and a lot of note changes in each song, something we can’t get enough of. We also get to see new pictures, new videos, new funny moments on stage, new fan projects and a lot more. Basically, those are all the best moments we get from 5SOS touring the world.

What is next for 5SOS? The boys will be touring Europe, starting in Sheffield on April 5th. We might get a new setlist with more songs off their newest album Sounds Good Feels Good, so stay updated with us on CelebMix!

Now, what is your favorite moment on the Asian leg of the Sounds Live Feels Live tour? Tweet us @CelebMix or @CelebMix5SOS, our new account dedicated to the 5SOS fans! We would love to hear from you!

Written by CelebMix