5sos’ New Album Is Driving Fans Crazy

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that 5 Seconds of Summer is one of the most popular bands in the world! The Australian pop punk band recently released their newest single, Fly Away, with the preorder of their new album, Sounds Good Feels Good. The album will include the already popular song She’s Kinda Hot as well as the studio version of Permanent Vacation, Fly Away, and more.

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With an anticipated release date of October 23rd, 2015 fans are ecstatic! “Tbh the album could just be them screaming and I’d still give it a five star rating I’m in too deep #SoundsGoodFeelsGood,” says Twitter user @5Sosaddict79. The boys seem to be proud of their album, as Ashton recently tweeted, “We put all our heart and soul into sounds good feels good, I’ve never been proud of anything in my life… it’s for you!”
I happen to be part of the 5sosFam and I, as well as other fans, can tell this album will be different. She’s Kinda Hot and Permanent Vacation are edgier than some of the band’s earlier songs, such as She Looks So Perfect. The newest singles will give a glimpse into their new, edgier sound, and fans cannot wait until October!

Well 5sosFam, mark your calendars for October 23rd and keep on derping.

Written by CelebMix