5SOS Release New Music Video for “Youngblood”

5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) have dropped a brand new music video for ‘Youngblood’, the title track of their latest album.

The video tells a story of a passionate and timeless love while simultaneously exploring Japanese biker culture. Transporting a couple back to the 50’s, they’re able to relive their younger rock and roll days, showcasing the vibrancy and soul of a subculture that isn’t typically shown in mainstream media. The rockabilly, greaser vibes truly capture the essence of ‘Youngblood’ at its core.

In a press release, drummer and vocalist Ashton Irwin has said, “There are many wonderful, interesting, and captivating subcultures all over the world. In every corner of this earth, there are groups of inventors, visionaries, thrill seekers, and boundary pushers. These wonderful worlds that people have created, spread, and effect everyone that comes into contact with them. The Japanese Rockabilly culture is that of a renaissance and a beautiful flare of passion for everything old and new and that makes this particular subculture so interesting and amazing to us. We hope you enjoy this video. Thank you for allowing us to be explorative with the concepts we choose to visually express our songs to you. Thank you to everyone that brought this video to life.”

Check out the video for ‘Youngblood’ below!

Prior to the album’s release, we were gifted with an alternative video for ‘Youngblood’ which featured live footage from the band’s intimate London show that took place earlier in the year. As the band are currently in Japan on tour, it seems they found this the most fitting time to release the official video, as said by 5SOS’ Michael Clifford.

5SOS have started the Meet You There tour, where it began in Japan yesterday (2nd August 2018). The band will be touring across the globe, heading to Australia, the US and Europe throughout August to November. Full tour dates and tickets are available here.

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Written by Georgia Brown

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