5SOS on Vevo and a potential VMA?

5 Seconds of Summer took to the stage to play at Vevos Certified Live the other day and from only watching it through a screen *cry face* I still can say they totally rock.

Even though 2/4 of the band were still recovering from illness they still managed to totally take over the stage and own it as if it was their own.

They played the song from their new single She’s Kinda Hot (which is also up for a VMA more details on that later) and Permanent Vacation from their new album Sounds Good Feels Good. However it wouldn’t be a 5SOS concert without some of the classics. So not only did they play the new songs of course they played She Looks So Perfect and Amnesia but also paired it with songs from the old album such as Disconnected and Good Girls.

Now as for the VMA to vote you must use the hashtag ShesKindaHotVMA and we can definitely say we’re totally behind these boys and we look forward to seeing them out and about very soon while they continue their tour.

Written by CelebMix