5SOS Perform If You Don’t Know At SLFL Amsterdam

During the Sounds Live Feels Live show in Amsterdam, fans were blessed with a performance by 5 Seconds of Summer’s underrated tune, If You Don’t Know. The song was released in 2014 on the Don’t Stop EP – and since then, after years of practically begging the 5SOS boys to play it, they finally did! And we couldn’t be any happier about it!


5SOS Perform If You Don't Know At SLFL Amsterdam 3

We certainly did not expect the boys to perform If You Don’t Know – although guitarist, Michael Clifford, did briefly hint at it after posting a video of bassist, Calum Hood, on the band’s Snapchat with the caption ‘cal gon give it to ya’. 

The 5SOS family went crazy after finding out the song was on the setlist and videos of the performance immediately went viral. We were all especially happy about hearing Calum Hood’s solo. He “ripped our hearts out” with his beautiful vocals and effortlessly left us all speechless.

After the show, Calum went straight to Twitter and asked what other songs the 5SOS fam wanted to hear live. Fans didn’t think twice before replying with oldies like Unpredictable, Wherever You Are, and Close As Strangers.

If you have yet to see the performance of If You Don’t Know, you can watch it below!


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Written by CelebMix