5SOS reveal they were “depressed” on tour

While 5SOS -Michael, Ashton, Calum and Luke- seem to be having a great time on and off-screen, it’s not that easy for the Australian boys who found that even with so much success, they still aren’t totally happy.

Ashton Irwin recently opened up about this situation and his battle with depression and anxiety. He revealed that he hit a new low during the last tour ‘Rock Out With Your Socks Out” and sought help from one of his bandmates, Luke Hemmings.

“I told Luke ‘I’m f–king depressed, I f–king hate this,” Ashton told The Daily Telegraph  “We’ve been on tour for five months, I’m living out of this piece of sh– suitcase with only three wheels on it.”

And Ashton is not the only 5sos member to struggle with depression. Michael Clifford also admitted that he’d been “fixing some problems” with his mental health on the Michigan Date of the boys tour.

“We try to talk to each other and try to pull each other through. You realize there are huge ups and huge downs. And it gets tiring, you know,” Ashton said. “With relationships, it’s hard. People forget about you at home because you have been away for so long and it becomes this thing where you have just to keep going and not fall off the rails.”

The four boys also expressd their feelings on their new album Sounds Good, Feels Good, especially on the track “Carry On” which is “straight-up saying you know it is going to get better.”. The guys are not writing only for themselves, they are also writing for their fans who may be feeling the same way.

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Written by CelebMix