5SOS To Play on GMA!

Just a couple more days to go till Aussie rock band 5 Seconds of Summer hit the stage in Central Park, New York City for Good Morning America’s ‘Summer Concert Series.’

Not only the fans are excited to see the boys perform live (again) for a morning TV show, but seems like 5SOS themselves are pumped to rock out their newest chart-topper single ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ and a few more of their hit tunes.

Before hitting the GMA spotlight, 5SOS has recently performed in the annual Teen Choice Awards, opening the show with their smashing guitar riffs and drummer solo, and also played a couple songs for Vevo Live Certified both held in California.

Talk about slaying from West coast to East coast!

We could all say that the boys are pretty much excited to be spreading their new music to the world and reaching out their message to the fans across the globe with their upcoming album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good.’

With their track SKH, they’re inviting all their fans to get behind their new revolution ‘The New Broken Scene’ as it is the key lyric to the kind of music they are about to release later this year.

“SKH kinda gives you the idea of what the next album is all about and ‘The New Broken Scene’ is something that the fans can get behind on. It’s a key lyric for this album and everyone’s invited to get behind this revolution.” – Ashton Irwin, Behind the Scenes of She’s Kinda Hot MV.

Tickets for their GMA gig are still available, so go grab one if you plan to drop by!

Written by CelebMix