6 Reasons We Love James Bay

James Bay seems to be taking the entire world by storm. Having just performed at the Grammy’s and the Brits (and even taking a Brit award home), James Bay is proving he has what it takes to become the next best thing in music. Reigning in support from the likes of Niall Horan, Justin Bieber, and even Ringo Starr, James seems to be befriending everyone in the music industry. James Bay manages to be an amazing artist, so we want to share our love for him with you. So here are six reasons we love James Bay:

  1. James was nominated for four Grammy’s. 6 Reasons 2016 Is James Bay's Year 1

Although he didn’t take any home, James Bay managed to prove that he had the chops to make it big – by breaking America. His amazing duet with Tori Kelly managed to bring him to the attention of the American crowd — his songs are now being played on the radio all the time!

2. He’s got “the look.”

James Bay seems to have a style going for him. It’s a mix of Harry Styles’ “the hat” era and Johnny Depp circa the 1980’s. James has made the classic fedora, long hair, and insane cheekbones his own look and we don’t really know what to do with it. James, you have a nice face, congratulations.

3. His music is going places.

6 Reasons 2016 Is James Bay's Year 2

Following the successes of “Hold Back the River” and “Let It Go,” James has managed to prove his music is unstoppable. Chaos in the Calm reached the Number 1 spot in the UK charts and the Number 15 spot in the US following it’s March 2015 release. Following his Grammy’s performance, “Let It Go” has gone up several slots on the Billboard 100 Chart. His music is making waves — we can’t wait for more music to come!

4. He can cover any song he wants to.

James has several covers up on YouTube, it’s impossible to choose one favorite. Above, his cover of Florence + the Machine’s Shake It Out is a masterpiece. The YouTube comment below tells no lies.

6 Reasons We Love James Bay 1

5. James doesn’t like to have “beef.”

6 Reasons We Love James Bay 1

Just a few days ago, artist Lily Allen was offended by his lack of remembering her and decided to take to Twitter to speak out on her outrage. Along the same lines, she decided to take a stab at James’ look and music, ultimately referring to him as “standard” and “basic.” James took to Twitter to make a statement about how honored he was to be able to perform at the Brits and also took the moment to re-mention the need for diversity in the industry. James managed to prove that he doesn’t like having any misunderstandings with others, which goes along with his calm and collected personality.

6. James is really, really nice. 

Meeting fans is considered part of the “job” for most celebrities and James Bay isn’t set aside from that expectation. He is, however, an extremely nice person. In the video below, James meets fans outside Radio1 on his birthday. He takes photos and speaks with everyone present, which isn’t necessary — especially on your birthday. James Bay is so incredibly nice, we can’t help but feel our hearts expand with love for him.


So there you have it CelebMix readers, 6 wonderful reasons for why we love James Bay. If you have any other reasons for loving James or if you have any stories about meeting him, we would love to hear them! Tweet us over @CelebMix or leave a comment below.

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