How Little Mix’s Artistry Changed A Writer’s Perspective On Music, Life And Passion

The music industry is strange. It brings artists that go through numerous different phases. They may be everywhere on mainstream radio or have an outstanding underground cult following.

One thing that can be agreed upon is that everyone either respects these kinds of artists or not. And to be honest, you shouldn’t care what kind of genre/music an artist makes or tries to explore. If it makes you happy, then that’s all matters.

Now, let’s chat a little bit about a band that has (yes, you know it’s coming daily readers) changed not only the landscape of the return of eclectic pop music but quite literally changed the attitudes of lives everywhere.

Little Mix. A vocal girl group that has soared through the pinnacle of constant criticism just for being a girl group. Viewers have seen it and heard it all ever since they were put together on Simon Cowell’s very successful music talent show, the X-Factor. We’ve seen the likes of Leona Lewis and One Direction who have sold millions of records worldwide and have sold out stadiums in an instant. The sturdy platform has helped form their careers and whether people like it or not, will be remembered for their contribution to music and the music industry.

But what about Little Mix? The only group to win the X-factor after 50,000 long seasons? Will they be forgotten, remembered? Well, it may just be an opinion, but the talent and charisma these girls possess will take them extremely far – not talking Spice Girls far; more like a good decade or more.

See, what makes an artist even more valuable in terms of contributing to the love of music is their longevity. We’ve seen singers like Bjork, Madonna and Kylie Minogue who have extended musical careers and are still at it. But not only that, they’re widely respected by fans and non-fans alike.

That’s where Little Mix is heading. Not only will they have longevity but they will also sell loads of records over time. Why so confident? Well, just look at all their success in just 4 years. These ladies have broken so many records that it’s hard to imagine how our very own MEDIA are ignoring such great achievements.

They’ve sold well over 12 million records and have 3 U.K. number ones. In America, they broke a huge record (or as I’d like to call it, the turning point for Little Mix) earning the highest debut U.S. chart position by a British girl group. They then broke another record with their recent Get Weird album; being the only U.K. girl group with 3 consecutive top 15 albums on the Billboard 200 chart (hey Guinness World Records, are you reading this?). Yes there’s more. Their Get Weird tour is now the best selling girl group this decade so far with over 500,000+ attendees.

How can all these achievements be justified? Well, one video explains it all.

This folks, is talent. Harmonies, unity, fun-natured. It really does boggle your mind how artists like these aren’t played more on mainstream radio.

Anyway, some artists take time to take over the world and while some may have never taken over the world (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – persistent people will eventually succeed. And Little Mix are persistent.

Girl groups like the Supremes took approximately four years to gain recognition (which makes more sense back then as it was during the 60’s – the civil rights era) and after their first big hit, the world turned their heads.

Little Mix have explained wanting to win Grammy’s, BRIT’s, and even selling out Madison Square Garden. These girls have goals, plans, etc – and they won’t stop until they’ve achieved that star level.

They’ve even said they will continue to work tooth and nail to become one of the best selling girl groups of all time. Despite them having to work double just for being women, their tenacity is something to truly admire. It reminds us of that same tenacity the Spice Girls had years ago when they were beginning their pop journey.

How Little Mix's Artistry Changed A Writer's Perspective On Music, Life And Passion 1

Just like when the Spice Girls started, you have people out there saying “You aren’t going to make it. You just don’t fit in. You don’t deserve success” – but look at how they beautifully took down that negative stigma and became the best selling girl band in history. And now, history seems to be repeating itself. This time, with Little Mix.

I think that’s probably one of the main reasons why I (and many others) respect them so much as an act – they’re all in it for the same reasons. For the love of music and for the love of inspiring people – especially women. That’s why girl power is so important. To create, inspire and affect those who feel they can’t succeed. Movements like these are essential to the empowerment of individuals around the globe.

Not only that, but Little Mix’s chemistry is the real deal. You can literally see it in every interview they do, every acapella they perform, etc. And if you think the fans don’t see it; boy, you’ve got a big storm coming your way!

Looking a their discography, ‘Change Your Life‘ is probably their most fan iconic song. But despite it’s apparent overused R&B piano inspired melody, it’s lyrics have spoken to me that not one song has ever spoken to me in my entire life.

Cliche and weepy right? Well, we all have to realize that we’re only human, and we’re certainly not perfect. We don’t all possess “perfect lives” as our lives are filled with happiness one day, fear the next, and perhaps a touch of sadness as well. But to come to the point quickly – when your life is filled with bits of despair, constant negativity and insecurity, there is always something to turn to when you can’t seem to move on from a certain state.

And that something for many people all over the world, is Little Mix.

Weirdly enough, you sometimes wonder how an artist comes by unexpectedly and knocks you off your socks.  Because in all honesty, never did I imagine loving an act like this girl band in my life. But it just proves how artistry is beautiful and inspiring. You can wake up one day and find yourself being inspired by anything in music.

As a writer, especially in the world of music, you learn to appreciate other artists, other genres and it’s important to have an open and unbiased mind to music. You take everything in and give your sound and honest opinion about it. Not to say everyone will agree with your opinion, but you learn to appreciate feedback and response. It’s a 360 kind of thing where everything goes in one direction then comes back to you. But that’s what makes opinion pieces so wonderful because it gives off a defined perspective.

Also, it’s important to understand that it shouldn’t matter what your gender is and should have absolutely nothing to do with the kind of music/artists you like, appreciate, respect, etc. You should respect all kinds of music anyway even if you happen to not like it because it shows compassion. Music is an art form and despite negative and/or positive opinions, its important to always respect the individual and respect the music, songwriting, etc that they create.

If you’re disrespected for the music you like by certain people – ignore them. There’s no point in arguing. All these people want, is to see YOU in a hesitant state. Be proud of your musical tastes. You can be 14, female and love Biggie, Nirvana and Justin Timberlake. You can be a male, heading into your 30’s and love One Direction, Fifth Harmony, and/or Justin Bieber.

The moral of the story is:

1) expect the unexpected: you can find yourself loving anything for whatever reason.

2) inspiration can come in any form: take it in and accept it.

3) love what you love – and be damn proud about it.

And I’m damn proud to love a band like Little Mix.

How Little Mix's Artistry Changed A Writer's Perspective On Music, Life And Passion. 1

So yes. You CAN be a girl power advocate with jazzy, dainty and eccentric tendencies, (like me) – but remember to always be proud to describe yourself in whatever manner you wish.

“you’re not the only one so let them criticize” x

Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.