Fehérvári Gábor Alfréd (Freddie) : Hungary’s Eurovision Pioneer

This years Eurovision 2016 contest is filled with so many great entries – in fact, all the entries this year have the potential to be the winner! While many people have already made their mind up of the top 3 contenders, we firmly believe Freddie’s ‘Pioneer’ to be one of those top contenders.

Known fully as Fehérvári Gábor Alfréd (aka Freddie), this handsome and talented man will be representing Hungary. While the country has never won Eurovision, if Freddie gives another passionate and emotionally-fueled performance like on his National Final Performance, he might just win it all. Check it out below!

The songs “rock arena” feel infused with Freddie’s hard and beautifully raspy voice could take the song to new levels on the big Eurovision stage in Sweden this year.

His National Final Performance of ‘Pioneer’ proves he has the powerhouse vocals to impress the audience. With the addition of universally relatable lyrics, all seems right!

In fact, the songs overall meaning identifies with accepting yourself, being proud of who you are, and acting as a pioneer in your life to overcome fear. It may all sound a tad cliche but it’s a message that not to many people hear every day. It’s encouraging, empowering and we love the simple yet direct message.

“No right time, no right place
To meet your inner grace
Approval is found within”

“A million hearts of a million people
Be proud, you were born to be real
No right time, no right place, yeah
A million lies in a million temples
It’s only fear, become a pioneer”


We wish you Freddie the best of luck at Eurovision! What do you think about Hungary’s entry? Let us know by tagging us on Twitter @CelebMix or commenting on Facebook, Tumblr, etc. You can follow Freddie on his Facebook account by clicking here!

Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.